A Fizzy Drink, Midnight and Me!

Bed Jump
“and land mightily on the ground, my drink flying about it the air. (Photo credit: jamesjyu)

This is ridiculous! It’s the middle of the night yet I am wide awake.

I shift and turn under the covers. Two minutes this side, one minute the other and still nothing feels quite right. Total discomfort.

I sit up. Flicker the lights on, look around the room, rearrange the covers and flicker the lights back off. I remain seated. Now in total darkness. Nothing of great substance on my mind. Just sleepless restless me in the dark.

I recall I’d brought a can of coke with me to the room. I slowly get out of bed, walk across my accident-prone bedroom, to my study table still in utter darkness. My hands are outstretched as a precaution.

I begin to gradually feel around the table for my half can of coke. With dozens of books haphazardly scattered across my table, this exercise is bound for disaster. I smile-I like a good challenge. A few more delicate attempts and I hit the jackpot. I sip, victorious!

I sip again, smile. The cooling effect from the carbonated drink as it claims it’s path down my gut is simply refreshing.

I make my way back to bed convinced that I would instantly fall asleep. It’s pretty obvious, I was just thirsty.

Now, I am at ease and pumped to be hopping back into bed. I ignore that little angel inside of me. She’s nudging me to turn on the light before getting into bed. Pfffft! I know my room like the back of my hand (why is that even a saying I wonder),I reassure myself.

There’s a little bit of fizzy drink left in my can. I slump myself onto the bed and land mightily on the ground, my drink flying about it the air. My chair, which I often drag to the bedside so that my laptop is within reach, somehow  got into the mix. Me on the ground, my laptop on the wet floor beside me and my new white bed-cover semi-soaked in coke!

Sigh! Just what I needed. After all, I couldn’t sleep, right?

Two things I’ve learnt:

(a.) Apparently it’s never a good plan to drink in a dark room.

(b.) When you get into bed, stay in bed 🙂 Ok, fine! A little organisation might save you a broken wrist and midnight laundry. And you might want to turn on the light if you must get around.

Night folks!

I would like to hear about your silly/ unnecessary mishaps. You know, those little things that you know only too well that you could have avoided.
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2 thoughts on “A Fizzy Drink, Midnight and Me!”

  1. Hehe…done that a couple of times. Difference is I am nocturnal…I can see in the dark (or at least in my home). I remember an incident where I thought I could reach for a container where I kept maize floor (on the top shelf) without requiring a stool or something to support my weight. So I jumped…first time missed…..second time touched it and it moved to the edge…third time almost came down but got stuck…so I was like I can do this, if I fail am getting a stool. On my final attempt I hit it so hard that all I remember is flour all over me and other turn of events…triggered a jar of sour milk (mursik) next to it and all came down….talk of rain fire and brimstone…the whole kitchen floor not forgetting myself was a mess! LESSON LEARNT: if you can’t reach it, get a stool

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