A Woman is Much More Than her Power to Seduce

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This article is a counterargument to an article written by SovietLover on The Reporter and The Girl blog. He talks about how women have the essential tools; smile, cleavage, high heels and humor that enable them to accomplish their goals. Check out SovietLover’s article for more details. Here’s my take.
True, a woman has all the necessary tools at her disposal to get ahead in life. These tools, to strongly point out, entail a lot more than sexuality and seduction. A woman is much more than her body and her power to seduce. Instilling this ideology in women is a step in the wrong direction.
The history of women is centered around the home; taking care of children, cooking, cleaning, that sort of thing. Most women still do all these things which by all means should be nurtured and encouraged. It however does not end there. Women have made themselves achievers in the work place as well. They have fought for equality, respect, the acknowledgement of their intelligence and their ability to compete and succeed just like their counterparts.
Striving to be recognized and to succeed in life through seduction goes against everything that women have fought so hard to accomplish. It is indeed a woman’s world but this is because women have way more that cleavage and soul melting smiles to offer.
Intelligence, for anyone really, is a great tool to possess. An intelligent woman is able to take the lead in whatever her field may be. She is able to compete effectively, measuring up to her counterparts and even outshining them.
A woman who can support her arguments and take on challenging roles in the workplace is considered by a lot of men to be attractive. Yet these women have the ability to make it to the top without flaunting their physique.
Confidence is a great quality in the workplace. A confident woman is an asset for any organization. A company would select a confident speaker to represent the organization over a timid one, any day.
Confidence in a woman is a very attractive attribute. I highly doubt anyone could argue with that. When a woman exudes self-confidence her counterparts inevitably will notice.
At the office when a woman is able to handle her own, her superiors are more confident to designate more responsibilities to her. This grows into high positions, more pay and so on.
If you think about it, recent music mentions independence as an attractive virtue in women. I am in sync with this notion. Independence in women is, without a doubt, hot!
Evidently, women have the ability to grow their careers, lead others and succeed without relying on their bodies to climb up the career ladder. Planting that idea into the minds of young women and girls is telling them they have nothing more to offer other than their bodies for success. This is absolutely ridiculous!
Women are as intelligent, as confident, as determined and as resourceful as your next man. And the list goes on and on.
Tell me, what do you think? Do you think women have what it takes to make it in the work place? and also generally in life?-without objectifying themselves that it. What are other qualities of women that you find attractive?
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