Afrikaanada Woman

Your face is as white
As a blank sheet of snow
Your heart pure black
You’re an African soul
You livin in Canada
But that’s not the place that ya
Call home
Never stepped on our land
You will when ya got the chance
Cause you’re an African soul
Afrikaanada Woman
You’re both, but yet lie somewhere in between
Afrikaanada Woman
You’re white, but you’re heart wild and free
Afrikaanada Woman
You know just exactly what you want to be
Afrikaanada Woman
You livin in a dichotomy
You can’t speak Swahili or even Afrikaans
You don’t know much about the place that we come from
But yet ya one of us and everybody knows
You’re a Canadian woman with an African soul
You dancin to azonto, not just tappin your feet
Lovin our rice and gravy, not to mention the meat
Music is a tongue that you can speak
And to the jambo drum your heart won’t miss a beat
Your white friends may, not know the way you feel
But though it is strange, we know it’s for real
You are livin two worlds and all the more blessed
Checkered board you are, who would have guessed

3 thoughts on “Afrikaanada Woman”

  1. If I may ask, are you living in Canada?
    “Afrikaanada” is well-coined and deliciously interesting to say! You write good poems. here is my fav:
    “Music is a tongue that you can speak
    And to the jambo drum your heart won’t miss a beat”

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the feedback Uzoma. That is my fav line, too. I thought I had responded earlier. Just realized until now that I had not yet replied. Yes, I currently am in Canada and would consider myself Afrikaanada

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