Assiniboine Park Conservatory is Now Closed

Assiniboine Park Conservatory
Photo by @gyk26

The Assiniboine Park Conservatory has officially closed today.

The Conservatory has been a part of Winnipeg since 1914 (yikes!). That is a long time.

It was certainly not easy to say goodbye to Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Park Conservatory this past weekend.

Assiniboine Park Conservatory
Photo by @gyk26

Many Manitobans and other Canadians hold special memories attached to the conservatory. That is why this closure is definitely a tough pill to swallow.

While it is a necessity to close the building  due to a potential building failure, the decision still broke the hearts of many Winnipegers.

Assiniboine Park Conservatory
Photo by @gyk26

The Assiniboine Park Conservatory invited the public to a week long complimentary coffee and tea which I attended over Easter weekend.

Slideshows and conversations were shared to honour Winnipegers’ memories, and to celebrate the life of the conservatory.

When we loose one thing we gain another.

The Assiniboine Park Conservatory is scheduled for demolition in late April to make room for Canada’s Diversity Gardens.

Canada’s Diversity Gardens is a brilliant idea that uses plants to demonstrate the diversity of our country.

As we mourn the loss of the conservatory, we welcome the Diversity Gardens.

It will be interesting to see how various cultures represented in Manitoba, and in Canada, will be reflected through plant life.

Assiniboine Park Conservatory
Photo by @gyk26

Link to the Assiniboine Park Conservatory site:



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One thought on “Assiniboine Park Conservatory is Now Closed”

  1. I wish there was at least another week or two of visiting the Conservatory. I visited there many, many times over the years and one last visit with have been ideal, however, my hectic schedule just did not allow for that to happen. However, I am looking forward to the Diversity Gardens! As they say, when God closes a door, he opens a window…

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