Shoe Things: 10 Shoe Quotes for the Fabulous Woman

Wooohoooo.. It’s Friday, Friday, – insert Rebecca Black’s Friday tune here . As my Kenyan brothers (and by brothers I mean both ladies and gentlemen) would say “Happy Furahi Day!!” It might be an old-school phrase. I’m not sure what the Kenyan kids these days are saying but who the hell cares, right? OK maybe I do. Just a tiny, very tiny bit. You see ol’ spot(if you don’t get this reference, do yourself a favour and go watch “The Great Gatsby” movie. Yes! Off course now!), I’d like to think of myself as forever young and totally cool. Kenyan youth please help me stay cool? Please? What is it that you say nowadays?

I really don’t know why I’m this excited Continue reading “Shoe Things: 10 Shoe Quotes for the Fabulous Woman”

Whatever Doesn’t Kill You

Things don’t always play out the way we expect them to. Sometimes they turn out better. Other times we hit rock bottom. Then there are times when that very same rock bottom becomes the silver lining. The darkest hour before dawn.

I have experienced something somewhat similar. Continue reading “Whatever Doesn’t Kill You”

Starting off Right: 7 Tips and Tricks for your CV (Guest Post) are a few tips and tricks that I use with my CV, along with some testimonials I've picked up along the way are a few tips and tricks that I use with my CV, along with some testimonials I’ve picked up along the way
For the sake of efficiency, it most often doesn’t make sense to march across the city, passing out your printed off CV’s in an effort to find a nibble to your unemployed hook. However, this is actually the choice I’d recommend, as it creates a psychological connection between your potential employer and your face, your handshake and your overall body language that they can attach to your CV. This can help or harm your chances, but it definitely puts your chances of getting hired a step above the endless barrage of CV submissions from the Internet.
Regardless of the method of submission, here are a few tips and tricks that I use with my CV, along with some testimonials I’ve picked up along the way. Continue reading “Starting off Right: 7 Tips and Tricks for your CV (Guest Post)”

Book Review: Lean In- Why I Loved It and Why You Should Too. (Guest Post)

Lean In- S.S
After reading Lean In almost a month ago! I am writing an opinion piece on this amazing book by Sheryl Sandberg. This is my first time writing such a piece so bear with me. Before reading Lean-In, I read some of the book reviews and most were great reviews and some not so great. It seems some women of color could not really understand why Sandberg didn’t address women of color in the corporate world. Or maybe they were not satisfied with what she had to offer in that regard. Either way, Sandberg did not claim to know or understand what it’s like for a woman of color to climb up the corporate ladder.Other reviews went further stating she didn’t give any specific advice for women of color. Before I forge ahead with my rant, I should tell you a little bit about this book from my perspective.
Sandberg wrote this book for all women currently in the workforce and women wanting to move forward in a male dominant work environment. Lean In was written to give you a broad understanding of the corporate world and how to move up beyond your wildest dream. Lean In is about what to expect in the corporate world and how to prepare for it at work and at home. Sandberg shares her personal experience as a top female executive working in a male dominant corporate world. Continue reading “Book Review: Lean In- Why I Loved It and Why You Should Too. (Guest Post)”

What’s the Value?

Value and Cost
..what causes one to determine the kind of product to purchase?

Why buy it when you can’t afford it? What’s the alternative? Settling for something cheaper and offers less satisfaction but fulfills the same purpose? Or hold off, save up and then make the desired purchase after a period of good budgeting and planning?

You see, I believe in finding joy and fulfillment in our chosen career paths, in what we do for a living. It’s about working where we find optimum delight. But what happens when what we love to do does not satisfy the desires we crave? What happens when our preferred career path does not yield the kind of income that we would like to earn?

As I am always careful to point out before dishing out tips and advice, I am a self-acclaimed guru learning on-the-job, sharing opinions shaped by experiences from my life. Continue reading “What’s the Value?”

Stimulate Your Passion for the Job

To be more successful we need to recognize that it is our own responsibility to find fulfillment in our careers.
To be more successful we need to recognize that it is our own responsibility to find fulfillment in our careers.
I strongly believe that emotions towards what we do for a living are a great motivator for success or failure. Many successful individuals repeatedly point out the importance of passion. As much as the purpose of the job is to provide a source of income, we spend an awful amount of time working each day. While some of us may be business owners and others employees at a variety of organizations, it is important that we recognize that to be more successful, we need to make it our responsibility to find fulfillment in our careers.  Continue reading "Stimulate Your Passion for the Job"

The Old is Gone

I lived because, at dawn my eyes would open. Because my heart never failed to beat.
I lived because, at dawn my eyes would open. Because my heart never failed to beat.

Although perfection I continue to pursue,
I recognize the world of difference between,
For many nights I was frail,
Completely broken and without sight.

I’d hit rock bottom,
Succumbed to a meaningless existence, Continue reading “The Old is Gone”

The Reality Is, People Die

The reality is, people die. (Photo credit: ecstaticist)

Things don’t always turn out the way we expect them to. Sometimes the unacceptable, the unimaginable, becomes the reality. And that which we assumed would be the outcome suddenly gets thrown right out the window. It doesn’t matter anymore once the moment has passed, and travelling back in time is not a viable option.

The reality is, people die. Continue reading “The Reality Is, People Die”

Just For Foodies- JFF (Guest Post)

Hello Foodies!!

Okay tomorrow is a new day, a new day to explore and discover more food and drinks. Just for foodies is going to be part of this new discoveries, JFF is going to be a continuing segment on MOFAK starting today. My idea for JFF is to post pictures of foods and drinks that I experience for the first time or that i have experienced before and would like to share with my fellow foodies. Okay, so here’s the fun part 🙂 you guys get to participate as well. You guys get to send us pictures of food or drinks that you experience in your everyday lives or during a trip or whatever the case might be. Continue reading “Just For Foodies- JFF (Guest Post)”

3 Reasons Why You Need Solitude

Solitude‘Solitude is the soul’s holiday’ is a statement written by Katrina Kenison on Oprah Winfrey’s website.

I cannot begin to explain just how strongly I agree with that statement.

Spending time alone feels almost as good as taking a well-deserved vacation. This Wednesday, I challenge you to Continue reading “3 Reasons Why You Need Solitude”

Part 2: Maybe Someday They Will Meet Again

At the twenty-ninth floor of a downtown office building, Jasmine pouted her lips resting her head against her left hand. Things could not get any worse. Her desk was littered with piles of untouched paperwork, files and several books. Several highlighters, pencils, a mechanical sharpener and a pink for-big-mistakes eraser, were all spread across the table in no precise order. It was an unholy mess, Continue reading “Part 2: Maybe Someday They Will Meet Again”

Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder? (Guest Post)

I have to admit, I find myself quoting this line all the time but it never really made sense to me considering how materialistic and superficial our world can be! Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? I was on the bus on my way to work this morning when I heard a girl speaking to her friend about how she thinks she’s unattractive, bad skin and fat. She then commented on how she thinks her friend is so lucky to have such gorgeous skin, after which her friend responded with thank you and they went on to blab about something else. I was intrigued. I was tempted to turn around and get a quick glimpse of both girls. She was really loud and didn’t seem to care if other people heard her or not. Okay I’m sure some people know or have friends that are like this…low self-esteem, insecurity and feeling worthless. Their conversation got me thinking not because of what she said but how she said it. It’s one thing to be insecure ‘privately” for lack of a better word, but it’s another to be so loud about your insecurities and low self-esteem issues.
So I made it my business to look at both girls when they got off the bus, I could not resist. The first thing I thought was, ‘wowwhat-is-beauty she’s tall! She could model!’ And then of course how insecure she must be, I mean, I barely know her but just from one bus ride I know exactly how she Continue reading “Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder? (Guest Post)”

Winter pagan Weather (Guest Post)

Wrists tingling,
Nose freezing,
Ears stinging.
Frosted tears filling my eyes.
All is a haze as I steady myself along the icy path.
Yesterday the sky was dazzling azure blue, Continue reading “Winter pagan Weather (Guest Post)”

When the Soul Seeks

A stencil painted on Valentines day depicting ...
To me, love was this enormously bizarre emotion that transcended definition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I wrote this poem when I was a teenager and posted it on an old blog that I wrote back in the day.

Reading through this old blog, I realized that as much as I am older now, some things are yet to change. When I wrote this poem, I was curious about love. To me, love was this bizarre emotion that transcended definition. I could never quite understand the concept of love. It was completely alien to me. I did not comprehend how one finds that special someone who becomes the best thing in their life. I wondered how one would know when they met someone worth keeping. I could not grasp the idea of being so certain about one’s feelings for another.
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Timeless or Lesstime? (Guest Post)

In Search Of Lost Time
Chance is given to the opportunist…who seizes the moment (Photo credit: bogenfreund)

We live as if we have all day and every day.
But all we have is now, not someday.
If we forever miss the now, then what will be done?
If we miss our chance, then we have less than won.
Opportunity comes, opportunity goes.
What will we make of it? What seeds will be sown?
We live as if our days we can borrow.
Let me tell you something. We never have tomorrow.
For when tomorrow comes, it will be today.
So act now and not some other date.
What is that one thing you’ve always wanted to give a shot?
Would you move towards the goal in the time that you’ve got?
Maybe eighty years is a long breadth of time—
But already eight seconds passed while reading this rhyme.
You have the Now—move forward while you still have the chance.
Chance is not a roll of the die; not some probability stat.
Chance is given to the opportunist . . . who seizes the Moment for what it is.
Focus. Don’t let anything, anyone hold you back from your Dreams.
You have Today. You have Now.
Dear Opportunist, Now is the Time to take the die out of the equation and—Step Out.

Aftermath-Honeymoon Phase (Guest Post)

imageWhat happens after your honeymoon? Everyone knows that every new relationship has that period when it is the most intoxicating with excitement, infatuation and full of energy. This phase is when you spend more time with each other than anyone else. During the honeymoon phase life is amazing, every moment is magical and happiness is never ending. Honeymoon phase can last for as long as 3 months to 1 year depending on the couples and their situation. I know mine lasted 6 months!
So in most relationships this is what happens after the honeymoon phase over
1) You stop laughing at their jokes and get easily irritated
2) You tell as it as without hesitation and considering their feelings
3) You stop trying so hard to impress
4) You slack off on communication and planning fun activities
5) You stop complimenting each other
……it’s a fact you can’t be in this phase forever. However, you can ensure that just because your honeymoon phase ends does not mean you relationship should be less intriguing, intoxicating and exciting. Im sure everyone have their ways of keeping the excitement in their relationship. My suggestion is that rather than pretend at the beginning of the relationship show your true self and try to enjoy each other just the way you are! after the “honeymoon phase” there will be no surprises and frustration because you have established your true self to your partner.
Also its very important to keep doing those exciting things that got you to love each other and ensure the chemistry is not lacking. One of the ways to keep the chemistry alive is to go on date nights, plan fun activites whenever possible and NEVER slack off on your appearance. Your appearance is very important the last thing you want is your partner to loose interest in you because you stopped trying. This applies to guys especially! because contrary to popular believe ladies love a good looking and well dressed guys. Communicating with each other about everything! After all their your life partner. Do not take each other for granted. It’s also good practice to remind each other how much you love and appreciate each other.
So this is what I have done in my relationship to keep it spicy 🙂 What do you ladies and gents do to keep the excitement in your relationship?

Where’s the worth?

This poem goes out to all those people who find themselves at a place where they never imagined they possibly could: Faced with the overwhelming dilemma of whether to keep their unborn child, or not. I do not have the right suggest of what choice would be better. But my heart goes out to you at your hour of desperation, of terror and of confusion. I dedicate this poem to you who finds yourself in this situation.

Where is the Worth
Detestful catastrophic dreadful destiny
times filled with piercing pain
fear tearing deep in the soul
gushing hot tears, spasms and sputters

A tense load of murder,broken ties
the devil’s helper he the master
desire to accomplish, longing to surrender
undeserving angel, tiny beast

Innocence above the line of lifelessness
a need to fold up and keep folding up
to shrink to a coin, drop through the gutter
urgency to disappear, more desperation

Buckets of pain, unshed tears, broken ties,
lost love, unformed flesh hiding in the womb,
plunged in depths of sunken evil
struggle in total darkness,

frustration, every muscle strained,
every heart bleeding,
to finally conquer,                                                                                                                  but where’s the worth?

To Be Loosed (Guest Post)

To Be Loosed
To clear the clarity of confusion
And stomp upon its muddy waters,
Seeking to find meaning with further chaos.
But it is such dissention of the mind
That is soothed, and brought to some
Reasonable piece of order by the pen.
Do not misunderstand me. I care nothing of reason, common sense, or the rational.
When pen is in hand, my mind is free—
Free to explore the unexplainable.
Free to make a muse of the unresolved present predicament.
Wild at heart like a stallion that has its reigns loosed.
No longer is there need for the obedience of conventionality.
Words usher out just as they please, never to be critiqued—
Although perhaps refined at some distant date.
But in the moment the pen touches the sheet,
A ferocious spill-over of mind-boggling thoughts converge into black ink,
Impressing their mark onto the white.
The grip upon my mind has finally been loosed.

Turning Over a New Leaf

Packing up to leave my home is by far the hardest thing I ever had to do. True, I have moved around a lot. But this move, two years ago, was different. I was not going away to school or to temporarily live  with some relatives. This was a complete move to a brand new home. A place I knew nothing about. I was turning over a new leaf.

I wore a brave face even though it was terrifying. As I trimmed down my earthly belongs into two suitcases, I fought back tears with every energy in me. I did not want to leave anything behind. Everything I owned symbolized a memory I desperately needed to hold on to in that moment.

My heart broke as I Continue reading “Turning Over a New Leaf”