Burgers at Breakfast — Memoirs of a Kenyan

I cannot count the number of times I’ve been super hungry at 8am or at 9 and wanted to eat more than a slice of bread and tea. I’ve wanted to eat actual food (and tea, of course). Like a plate of rice and stew or a burger. Something of that kind. ‘No, it’s too early…

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Dear Christmas Gift Recipients

Dear Christmas Gift Recipients,
Every year before Christmas we’re all excited to go gift shopping. It’s a magical time -shopping, gift wrapping, home decorating, and the list goes on. Then comes boxing day when we are all gathered around the Christmas tree eager for the unwrapping festivities. A few seconds into the search and you’ve identified it. It’s the lavish red and green box with your name neatly caligraphed onto a tag that’s slightly tucked underneath the ribbon. You take a seat and animatedly rip off the wrapping paper. Continue reading “Dear Christmas Gift Recipients”

Hey Winterpeg! How Can We Embrace this Winter?

Winterpeg: I went to class in the fall and three hours later I walked out into winter.
Winterpeg: I went to class in the fall and three hours later I walked out into winter.

At 9PM yesterday I was finally done for the day. It had been an extremely long day for me. I desperately wanted, more than anything in the world, to get into bed and float away to blissful dreamland. I had been up for nearly two days. Well, with perhaps an hour of sleep here, another hour there, but mostly awake, working and studying. My assignment was submitted, my test was done and work was long over, finally a light at the end of the tunnel. I grabbed my expensive Ivanka purse (ahem! the Jang’o in me-Jang’o is my tribe that Kenyan’s believe to be very self-absorbed and shallow, which I might be, to some extent) and headed for the door, almost at the speed of light. Who knows how long that door would remain open? As far as I know University of Winnipeg has never locked students in the building against their will, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I had a date with my bed and nothing was getting in the way of that. With the hugest smile a sleep deprived bloodshot eyed human could manage, I pushed against the door freeing myself for the journey home.
The sudden gush Continue reading “Hey Winterpeg! How Can We Embrace this Winter?”

Boots! Boots! Boots!

I just have one question for the guys. How is it that none of you is walking around barefoot? You all seem to wear shoes. And very good looking shoes at that. How? Last night I spent hours on end going through web pages after pages hunting down good winter boots for men! Do you actually but shoes in the price of the hundreds? How can you afford that? So you buy a pair of boots that costs you say $200 ok? Tell me, please tell what then do you eat for the next two week? Why are men’s shoes so expensive?

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Marry Me, Trevor Noah!

Trevor, will you marry me?
Trevor, will you marry me?

No, it’s not the fame. It’s not even the good looks, although that’s a plus. With Trevor Noah, it’s the humor. Every woman wants a man who can make her laugh. Am I right or am I right! I’m on the floor laughing hysterically and please do not help me up. Let Trevor Noah come do it. This man, mmh mmh mh!
But let’s forget my humongous crush on this man, what do you think of Trevor Noah? His comedy I mean? Particularly on The Daily Show.  

I absolutely love him on the show, but then I am biased. I’ve listened and watched Trevor Noah’s comedy for years, long before he became Jon Stewart’s co-host on The Daily Show. For as long as I’ve known of him, I’ve had a soft spot for the guy (Trevor please find me so I won’t have to use that <of> part and instead just say, ‘for as long as I’ve known him’). If you haven’t watched him yet, after telling me which hole you’ve been living in these past few months, take some time to watch him on The Daily Show tonight.
And Jon Stewart, I just wanted to say thank you so much for bringing Trevor Noah into my home via the Daily Show! I sleep well at night now.
Now I only have one question for you Trevor, will you marry me?

Do Your Shoes Need a Face-Lift?

Shoe Jewels
They were cute and sparkly

The other day I was walking through The Hudson Bay on my way to an evening class. I had a few minutes to spare so I decided to window shop. The boots they’ve got are lovely and so are the pumps. And the bags and OMG the scarves and the fragrances. I was spoilt for choice, except for one thing, MONEY! There was a time when I shopped on alternate weeks. I almost always wore new clothes. Those wonderful happy days, sigh! And then bills started to happen. But I’m not complaining, no..no these are the facts. Anyway, I continued to lustfully ogle at The Bay’s beautiful merchandise. The crisp smell of newness blended with the orgasmic scent of brand new leather. Everything around me was shiny. I could almost hear them calling my name. I have self-control like madness. I love to shop but I hate debt even more. So I clasped my purse a little tighter-you know, just in case the credit card decided to slip out of the wallet and make its way to the cashier. I took a deep breath and started for the exit.
Just before I made it to the door, I spotted something that hadn’t been there before (yes, I too think it’s disturbing that I know the Hudson Bay that well). They were cute and sparkly and tiny, all stuffed into a basket, right by the wall, very near to the exit but closer to the cashier. I paused. I just wanted to know what they were. No harm in that right?
Sheoe Jewels 2
I discovered shoe jewelry

I walked towards the basket half afraid that I would cave and buy something I wouldn’t even have a use for. “You’re bigger than that, I said to myself” before taking another step then reaching for the shiny thing. I still could not tell what it was, some kind of jewelry that’s for sure. So I flipped it over to the back side and “oh shoe jewelry” it said. “Ummh…..Ohkayy…..mmh!” And with that I left the store. A round of applause please, my credit card stayed put. It did not make a run for the cashier. Can I hear an AMEN!
It’s been almost two weeks since I discovered shoe jewelry. For how long have these been a thing? Why am I just seeing them now? I like the malls, new things and stylish accessories. Why did I not know about shoe jewelry? I walk through the bay at least once every week. And each day that I do, I especially go to the shoe area. That basket has not been there. Do people actually buy them? I wasn’t particularly sold on them because when I go shoe shopping I go to town! So my shoes generally do not need a boost, they’re always on point. But still, shoe jewels are a genius idea. I marveled at this new revelation for a week when I finally decided to find out how popular they are. And what do you know? There are actual entrepreneurs who are making a living solely on selling shoe jewelry. I know, I thought it was impossible too. I mean, who buys these? They’re super cute, I’ll give them that. And yes, some shoes I’ve seen desperately need a face-lift.
I mean, who buys these?
I mean, who buys these?

I suppose you could keep a pair in your bag just in case your co-workers decide to go for drinks right after work. Or maybe you have a fabulous date with no time to rush home and get dolled up. I can see how these could come in handy. I like the idea, for others I mean, not for self. Shoe jewels are a good emergency plan. Get yourself a pair, or I just might hand one out to you on the streets on Christmas eve!
Have you heard or seen shoe jewelry? Do you own a pair? When did they come in handy for you? 

I want You Now

I don’t want you when you’ve figured it all out. I want you now. I want you when you’re naïve and young and lost. I want to be beside you while you struggle to stand on your feet. When you’re still stumbling and losing your way.
I don’t want you when you’ve mastered the basics and established your path. I want to hold your hand when you can’t seem to figure things out. I want to Continue reading “I want You Now”


My good friend finds great humor in my inability to participate in conversations for the first few hours of the morning.  I like to get to my desk and silently work away as my body finds a way to deal with denial- that the night is gone.
Because of my quiet morning nature, my friend (we’ll call him T’Gerry), decided that I am The grouch. As if just saying it did not suffice, he went the extra mile and bought me this mug.

The Grouch
The Grouch

Thank you T’Gerry for such a wonderful humorous mug. This is so far the awesomest mug I own. But I insist that I am not grouchy at all- not in the mornings not ever! OK T’Gerry?
PS: Stay tuned for more cool mugs.
Are you a mug collector? What are some of your favorite mugs? Or are you a collector of other items? Share your photos and comments in the comments section below. It’s always great hearing from you.

The Aquarian: How Accurate are Horoscope predictions?

Image Credits: pics-about.space
Image Credits: pics-about.space

I find myself very much intrigued by the predictions of the horoscope. I do not particularly believe in them but I don’t not believe them either. Like the saying goes I am hanging on the fence and I like it that way. I’ve made it a habit to read my horoscope in the Daily Metro usually towards the end of the day. I’m curious to know their predictions but only after the fact. That way my behavior is not biased by those predictions. When I compare my personal characteristics and those that are believed to characterize Aquarians, I see a lot of similarities.
These similarities and my unyielding curiosity have propelled me to learn more about my zodiac sign. I’ve learnt how the circumstances of my birth affect the events in my life. I’ve also come to notice that horoscope readings are often very broad. Any number of things could easily fall into the prediction. I guess what I am saying is I am not entirely convinced, but I must admit that these predictions are quite compelling. Continue reading “The Aquarian: How Accurate are Horoscope predictions?”

Bikram Yoga and Me

A friend of mine has invited me to Bikram (hot) yoga for a straight year. Persistently. But me being as lazy as a toad,  have yet to make it to the studio. I’ve promised and promised and promised again but I’ve never made it to a single session. I hear it’s a blast. Well, eventually it becomes a blast. Plus the benefits, I have been told, are plentiful. This past week I finally decided it’s about time to do it. So this morning at ten thirty I will be sweating out my toxins. Go me!

Image credits bestthinking.com
Image credits bestthinking.com

I’m nervous Continue reading “Bikram Yoga and Me”

From a Girl to a Woman

Proud woman
I was probably thirteen or fourteen years old when my mother came home from work one evening with a shopping bag which she gave to me. Excitedly I dug into the bag and retrieved a beautiful full length body hugging skirt and a classy pink three-quarter-sleeved top. I ran up to my room and slid into this outfit at the speed of light. It’s a wonder the outfit lived to see another day-a few years, if we’re being touchy feely. I felt amazing in this figure hugging outfit. It was not figure hugging in a slutty kind of way. I stood in front of my mirror and posed and smiled, admiring myself from different angles. I felt like royalty. I imagined myself walking down a street, paparazzi surrounding me, me warmly smiling here and waving ever-so-delicately there.
Oh how this outfit made me feel different, so mature, almost like an entirely different person. It defined my body like an hourglass. I felt sophisticated and hot. It was nothing like those Cinderella ballerina dresses I had worn since childhood. Do kids even wear those dresses these days? It’s either I don’t pay attention to kids (which is sad since some kids can actually be adorable) or children now wear more normal clothing. When my mom bought me that dress I doubt she had anything more in mind other than getting her daughter a great outfit to wear to church. As I stood in front of my full length mirror, the image that stared back at me was not that of a child in a checkered red and black layered dress but of a young woman with a fine shapely body. That was the day that I first saw myself as a woman. It was a beautiful moment, a phenomenal revelation.
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Condemn the Short Shorts: Reclaim Our Decorum

Untitled drawingI strongly believe that we should live and let live. But here is my exception to the rule. I am sorry but for this one particular situation, I cannot let live. Not when the lives of my unborn children are being corrupted even before they are conceived. Scratch that, lo….o…ng before they are conceived.
I am sickened by the thought of little girls happily flaunting their Continue reading “Condemn the Short Shorts: Reclaim Our Decorum”

Rocking My AfroCorns

AfroGirlIt was one evening after work when my friend and I decided to hit the town before calling it a night. I feel the need to clarify that it (hitting the town) did not involve twilighting of any sort, just two girls out catching up and ranting about life in general. A couple of days before that I had undone my braids and was rocking two ginormous cornrows in my natural hair. I did this quite proudly. When your hair grows at snail’s pace like mine does, when it can finally be braided into two cornrows, it is a moment to celebrate people! That entire week that I wore my hair in cornrows, I was all smiles. Like I’d won the lottery and quit my job. I felt like an African model. You should have seen my photogenic postures and runway walk. Like a shorter version of Lupita Nyong’o or that beautiful Sudanese model who won Miss World last year. Ok fine, Rolene Strauss a South African model won miss world last year but let’s face it, she does not look anything like a black girl so it may be a little tough to picture me and my afro with her as the comparison. But Continue reading “Rocking My AfroCorns”

Sara & The Piano

Piano at Portage Place: Downtown Biz Project
Piano at Portage Place: Downtown Biz Project

She’s maybe in her late 60s maybe 70s. She sits in a wheel chair and frequently wheels herself around downtown Winnipeg. She has dark thin hair which somehow looks healthy too. She’s not a small woman but neither is she big. She mostly wears a black coat and her wheel chair is decorated with pink carnations on either handle and a big picture of Jesus on the back side. I’ve never spoken to her, but I see her often enough to remember her. She’s always somber in her appearance. She doesn’t smile at passers-by but neither does she frown. She seems to me to exist in a little world of her own. Like a turtle with a shell separating her from the outside world. Distancing herself from the city’s hullaballoo. A woman on a mission. Continue reading “Sara & The Piano”

The Hustle is Real

I am well over the age of majority. I can already feel some of you children cringing but hold it right there. It’s actually the best age I’ve ever been. A place where it’s all butterflies and cupcakes, what’s the appropriate saying here, it’s all rosy? Not exactly. But it’s a happy place nonetheless. You know when you’re a kid and life revolves around homework, video games (here Kenyans my age would insert playing bano– There is an English word for bano but it’s much more interesting when we just say bano.So, I’ll find you a picture instead) and some T.V.?
traditional marble game Continue reading “The Hustle is Real”

I'm Healthy Weight and Maybe a Little Hungry

It’s been several months since I last let my creative juices run. I’ve been working so hard day in day out, burning the midnight oil… well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been at a loss for words. Not because there’s nothing to write about, on the contrary a lot has happened since I was an active blogger. Often times I struggle with words, not knowing how exactly to phrase things or how much to share. Is there such a thing as sharing too much? I’m so hungry I could eat a cow but my fingers are going crazy here. You should see me, I’m typing away furiously. You know those jobs where they want you to have a typing speed of 75WPM, I could probably get hired on the spot if they were watching me right about now. I think it’s some kind of withdrawal thing happening, what with not writing in months and all. Continue reading “I'm Healthy Weight and Maybe a Little Hungry”

Part C: Vicki Olatundun: Mentor of the Month of August

My passion is simple, my mission is clear....I believe in H.O.P.E (helping other people excel).  I describe myself as a community-minded social justice warrior. I advocate for  families and for all people regardless of their socio-economic status. I enjoy challenging the status quo, opening closed doors and helping people. I choose to make a difference.  I wear many hats but the one I enjoy the most is the one my kids have given me, the "mommy" hat. It's the best title I could ever hope for. I am married with 2 small children and have the privilege of all the pleasures and frustrations that come with raising a family in these times. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING A PARENT! http://www.annashouse.ca/our-staff-team.html
My passion is simple, my mission is clear. I believe in H.O.P.E (helping other people excel). I describe myself as a community-minded social justice warrior. I advocate for families and for all people regardless of their socio-economic status. I enjoy challenging the status quo, opening closed doors and helping people. I choose to make a difference.
I wear many hats but the one I enjoy the most is the one my kids have given me, the “mommy” hat.

Writing while on vacation requires a lot of dedication. This is not to say that I am an extremely hardworking writer, but I try. I am better than most if I say so myself. Besides, writing to me is so much fun. So naturally I found time to do it.
As I am on vacation and way out of North America, my mood is also a little different. I am visiting my home country Kenya. Truly, there is no place like home. It’s all nice and tropical here. I absolutely love this country. I think everyone on earth should visit Kenya at least once in their lifetime. As a result of this very different mood of mine, today’s article is going to have a different spin.
In the past few weeks Vicki has shared several aspects of her career with us. One thing that I really enjoyed while hanging out with Vicki is that she has a very captivating way of putting her words together. I strongly believe that Vicki would make a great public speaker.
Vicki’s father, a businessman is very tough and powerful (Vicki tells me). Truly the apple does not fall far from the tree. During our initial encounter Vicki stood out because of her distinctive voice and fearless approach to networking. I immediately liked her. Like her father, Vicki is tough and powerful but also very hospitable. Her father has been of significant influence in her life and career. While Vicki and I talked, I managed to jot down several interesting quotes that were common place to her and her father.
Quotes by Vicki’s father Continue reading “Part C: Vicki Olatundun: Mentor of the Month of August”