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Taken 01 July, 2003, looking south across Kemp...
Taken 01 July, 2003, looking south across Kempenfelt Bay, Barrie, Ontario, Canada, during Canada Day celebrations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I usually would have had a difficult time dealing with a long weekend. That’s right, dealing would be the word- it’s exactly how I often feel when I have way too much time to do nothing.
You see, I tend to think of myself as a workaholic. Although, inclined towards being a workaholic is probably more accurate. I get anxious when I have time on my hands and not much to do with it. This past weekend (long weekend for Canadians) was definitely different for me.
I had a lot scheduled for the weekend. More relaxing fun activities, but stuff to keep me busy nonetheless. That, I am convinced, made all the difference. Shopping on Friday to kick off the weekend, a relaxed Saturday with friends and family, a day at the beach with the girls and a Monday house painting and barbecuing to crown it all, ah blissful weekend it really was. To be honest I had other pressing issues that I should have attended to but you know, I needed that break and I am so glad we had it. 
I certainly feel revived, rejuvenated, and ready for a new week.
How was your weekend-and for those who worked yesterday how is the week coming along?
A lot has happened over the past few days, the BET awards, Canada day festivities and you know, getting back to business. Here’s simply to wish you a great week filled with huge possibilities and to staying positive.
Life’s full of little pleasures so, work hard but enjoy the ride!
PS: Check in to our Facebook page tonight for a recap of the fireworks at the Forks in celebration of Canada Day-in case you have not caught it yet.
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