Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder? (Guest Post)

I have to admit, I find myself quoting this line all the time but it never really made sense to me considering how materialistic and superficial our world can be! Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? I was on the bus on my way to work this morning when I heard a girl speaking to her friend about how she thinks she’s unattractive, bad skin and fat. She then commented on how she thinks her friend is so lucky to have such gorgeous skin, after which her friend responded with thank you and they went on to blab about something else. I was intrigued. I was tempted to turn around and get a quick glimpse of both girls. She was really loud and didn’t seem to care if other people heard her or not. Okay I’m sure some people know or have friends that are like this…low self-esteem, insecurity and feeling worthless. Their conversation got me thinking not because of what she said but how she said it. It’s one thing to be insecure ‘privately” for lack of a better word, but it’s another to be so loud about your insecurities and low self-esteem issues.
So I made it my business to look at both girls when they got off the bus, I could not resist. The first thing I thought was, ‘wowwhat-is-beauty she’s tall! She could model!’ And then of course how insecure she must be, I mean, I barely know her but just from one bus ride I know exactly how she sees herself not only as a human being but as a woman and it was disappointing to me. As a lady I would never say that to my friend especially that loudly on a bus,even if I ever felt that way about myself. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean I’m better than her or prettier or anything. It just goes to show how much self-love and self-respect we have for ourselves. It also shows that sometimes it doesn’t matter how we see ourselves but how people around us see us. It really affects our self-perception.
In this generation it’s so easy to blame media and society but the truth is WE make up ‘society’. YOU AND I are the only way to change the media and society. So, let’s start with ourselves, our friends and family.
My main advice today to you is: Remember we are different in our own special ways! Very different! No two people have the same finger print. Which means we have different qualities and abilities that makes us unique. So next time your friend is having a bad day or having a low self-esteem moment, don’t support or ignore their negativity. Instead, in-still something positive about them that made you want to be their friend. Maybe it was their kindness, generosity, caring nature, smartness, or that they are outgoing. My point is, regardless of your immediate relationship to someone, anyone! It is very important to be supportive in a positive light in whatever little way you can.
I hope I can do my part and be the change I want to see…So ladies and Gents! Do you have a friend with low self-esteem or insecurity issues? Share your situation and let’s see if we can help you with positive tips on how to handle it.

Author: Valerie

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