Birthday Month, A Day from Hell & Banking Fees

February is my birthday month. I’m turning 30 in nine days people. I’m so excited. I’ve been on this earth for three whole decades and yet there’s still so much to learn. When I was kid I remember looking at adults and thinking ‘must be nice to know and have everything’. Ha! Little did I know.

I’m excited for a new chapter of my life. A lot of my friends who already turned 30 (some more than a decade ago) mentioned that they were anxious or even saddened by the idea of being a 30 year old. That hasn’t happened to me-yet. Let’s see what happens in the next few days. In the meantime wish me a happy birthday. The celebrations have began. Yes, I am one of those people who celebrates all month long. Happy birthday month, Valerie!!

It’s cold and I can’t seem to get warm. I am under the covers, sipping a nice cup of David’s Tea. Candy Cane Crush, it’s called. It’s delightful. A christmas present that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

Yesterday was, for sure, a day sent from hell. When I opened the door this morning I couldn’t believe my eyes. Where did all that snow come from? I must have asked myself more than ten times today, why on earth I left Kenya to be buried in snow in a foreign land. And that wind! I almost lost my fingers to frostbite both in the morning brushing the snow off the car, and in the evening scrapping off the snow from my back window. And let’s not forget the traffic. I got home at 6 pm. I left work at 5. I live about 20 minutes from town. And even after I got home, you’d have thought that my body would have warmed up.

Nope. By the time I went to bed last night, just after 10 pm I was still pretty cold.

So I was supposed to pick up my POA and will yesterday at 5:30 pm. I had mentioned this briefly in my last article. Well in light of the crappy weather, the heavy snow and the traffic, I decided it could wait another week. I rescheduled the meeting. I just wanted to get home. Yet after I got there and was still freezing, I kinda wished I’d just taken care of it.

Oh well.

Now that I’ve ranted for a bit, I’ll tell you the cool thing that I did these past couple of weeks.

I’ve had enough of banks charging me banking fees. It has bothered me for a while now but it took a little convincing from one of my ‘inner circle people’, to push me over the edge. I mean, I give my money to the bank for them to ‘store’ for me since hiding it under the mattress is not a thing anymore. But it obviously doesn’t sit in a little box (as I thought when I was a kid). The banks use it to lend or to grow their business etc. So they make a profit from me ‘loaning’ them my money. Yet they charge me to take it from me.

As it turns out, online banks often don’t charge banking fees. Maybe because they don’t have physical offices to run so their overhead is lower? I don’t know. But they often don’t charge. So I closed out my regular account at the bank I’ve used since moving to Winnipeg in 2010. I opened a new account with an online bank that’s free of charge and comes with a much higher high interest savings account.

Yay me.

If you’re looking for ways to save a little cash, that’s one suggestion. Do some research to compare rates and then decide.

Today is another day. I’m hoping it’ll be better than yesterday. Keeping my fingers crossed. I’m planning on getting myself a nice big birthday cupcake from Sobeys on my way home this evening.

Red velvet cupcake. Yum.

Wishing y’all a lovely 2nd day of work (my 9-5 people)-and everyone else of course, happy Tuesday. Winnipeggers, dress warmly and only go outside when you absolutely must. We’ve got this! We are Winnipeg tough-ha ha.

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