Black History Month: February

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Black History month is observed in February in both the United States and Canada. It is an annual celebration to commemorate important historic people and events among the African American Community. Those who led to obtaining freedom for its people.
At memoirsofakenyan we take the initiative to celebrate the great efforts by these selfless people. All through the month we invite you to join us as we keep these wonderful men and women close at heart. People such as martin Luther King and Carter G. Woodson among others.We will post brief facts on fascinating issues and places that have made history.
We take this moment to celebrate all people across the world. All men and women alike. We believe that everyone makes a difference. No matter how insignificant you may find your contribution, someone somewhere is smiling because you woke up this morning. By doing the best you can to make your life better, you unknowingly improve another. As it is consistently taught in economics, our own selfish deeds contribute to the economy of the nation, the invisible hand! Adam Smith has got to be smiling down at me right about now.
Today, we celebrate the world; the efforts made to improve a life, the prayers whispered before bed time, smiles shared after the crack of dawn. Everything that you do, you are making a difference. So keep working hard, continue to do your best and never stop believing that another life is improved because you have given the best of you!
Happy February fellas, happy Friday and stay tuned for our weekly Black History Month Facts.

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