It is 2AM but I cannot Sleep!

Cover of "Being Erica (OST)"
I know my greatest undoing is fear. (OST)

I have tossed and turned in my bed until eventually I am throwing in the towel. It’s obviously not going to happen so allow me to be a little constructive. Being awake in the wee hours of the morning, I find myself reflecting on a lot of things; what point I have reached in my ambitions, what goals I have accomplished, things that I may need to change or improve-life in general. Tonight, I find myself coming short. I am not where I had wanted to be today. I still have so much to do. I realize that my to-do-list is still considerably longer than my already-done-and-crossed off-list. There are so many things I would love to start doing and yet I seem to be caught in a rat. I am at a good place, just not as good as I would have preferred. To think about it is painful, admitting it ‘is an even harder pill to swallow’ as Mary of Hell’s kitchen put it two nights ago.
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Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder? (Guest Post)

I have to admit, I find myself quoting this line all the time but it never really made sense to me considering how materialistic and superficial our world can be! Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? I was on the bus on my way to work this morning when I heard a girl speaking to her friend about how she thinks she’s unattractive, bad skin and fat. She then commented on how she thinks her friend is so lucky to have such gorgeous skin, after which her friend responded with thank you and they went on to blab about something else. I was intrigued. I was tempted to turn around and get a quick glimpse of both girls. She was really loud and didn’t seem to care if other people heard her or not. Okay I’m sure some people know or have friends that are like this…low self-esteem, insecurity and feeling worthless. Their conversation got me thinking not because of what she said but how she said it. It’s one thing to be insecure ‘privately” for lack of a better word, but it’s another to be so loud about your insecurities and low self-esteem issues.
So I made it my business to look at both girls when they got off the bus, I could not resist. The first thing I thought was, ‘wowwhat-is-beauty she’s tall! She could model!’ And then of course how insecure she must be, I mean, I barely know her but just from one bus ride I know exactly how she Continue reading “Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder? (Guest Post)”

The Rocky Mountains: The Majestic Mountain Barrier

And with these breathtaking snap shots of one of the greatest sights on earth, I wish you a fantastic new week!

Driving down to the Banff National Park in Alberta Canada.
Driving down to the Banff National Park in Alberta Canada.
Cool bulgeBeautiful!

A magnificent view of the Rockies from a Gondola
A magnificent view of the Rockies from a Gondola

I love the cloud shadows between the mountains
I love the cloud shadows between the mountains

And a close up look at the Rockies
And a close up look at the Rockies

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

My kick-ass friend nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and I am thrilled. My sincerest gratitude for your kindness Uzoma. I am humbled to learn that you, especially being such an incredible writer, find my blog inspiring. It is people like you that reignite that fire in me, refueling my ambition to become an even better, more dynamic and creative writer surpassing mediocrity. I cannot help but say it again, it is an honor to be nominated for this Award. Thank you Uzo and all my beloved readers!

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Glutton of Punishment

Baby Steps
So go on and do something differently today.(Photo credit: johnwilliamsphd)

In just about every story, be it a novel, movie or even a non-fiction narrative, there is always that character constantly hungry for punishment. That person who repeatedly throws themselves into the fire. That individual who never seems to learn from past mistakes. Who subconsciously craves for pain, frustration or failure. That no matter how many times they may have been bitten, they do not learn their lesson or perhaps, they do not realize they may be better off moving on. In soap operas it happens over and over again. Then again, soap operas are on a league of their own and as such they require their own very special attention. So we will save that for another day. Right this moment, let us deal with these rather intriguing characters who persistently follow their pain, their sorrow. It is a sad situation,  but nonetheless I am inclined to point out that it is quite humorous.
For all the lovers of the classics, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice vividly points this out. In her story, Caroline Bingley stalkishly follows Mr. Darcy around. He pays her absolutely no attention and is quick to point out his low regard for her. Yet she persistently throws herself at him, hoping he would eventually turn around and marry her. Whether Mr. Darcy was aware of Caroline’s affections for him, is not entirely clear. Personally, I like to imagine that he did in fact notice her sentimentality but was completely unmoved. His callousness and  coldness towards her especially considering their close acquaintance was shocking. It was an embarrassing scene watching her as she came back for more; never learning from the pain she must have experienced each time he reminded her that his eyes were set on someone else. It was quite a shame.
In the ‘Twilight’ series, Bella’s heart was ripped apart by Edward’s departure. The pain almost killed her. For a really long time, she could not recover. As if she had not experienced enough torture, enough pain, Bella ran into the arms of the only other monster in search of empathy or was it love? It appears Bella could only be attracted to worldly creatures. Jacob also hurt her deeply,causing yet another hole in her heart. One would think she would have  perhaps dated a normal human being following the Edward experience, but evidently she could not to help herself.
This is probably true of all humanity. We  have the tendency to go back to the pain that we have known. To allow things or even people to open wounds that they have caused. We all experience the urge to return to that which is familiar.
After all, better the devil you know than the angel you don’t, right?
Is that not what they say? Well I disagree. I insist that it is upon us to refuse to be hurt. It is our responsibility to dust off our failures and never look back. Learn from your mistake, do not accept them as a safe haven. Sometimes the unfamiliar new challenges are exactly what one needs to finally get it right. So go on and do something differently today.
Do you agree that a lot more often than we care to admit we settle for less than we deserve because we are afraid to demand something more? Why or why not?

The Renowned Statesman, Nelson Mandela: Black History Month

English: Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, Gaute...
English: Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, Gauteng, on 13 May 1998 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know that United Nations declared Mandela’s birthday July 18th an international Nelson Mandela Day dedicated to promote global peace, and to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s great legacy.

South Africa and Nelson Mandela inevitably go hand in hand. One cannot speak of South Africa without the mention of Nelson Mandela or at the very least, the thought of him in that context. Nelson Mandela was elected South Africa’s 1st president in 1994-1999. He went on to become the most democratic president, jointly winning the Nobel Peace Price with Frederik Willem de Klerk following the termination of the Apartheid.

Why do People Lie?

A couple of days ago I was at the library when a radio presenter walked up to me armed with a list of questions ready to unload them on anyone willing to respond. ‘Why do people lie?’ was his topic question. Well, first off I was not prepared to answer. I would have been grateful to read through his questions prior to the interview. You see, I like to sound intelligent-which we all know, I am.
I have never been on radio before therefore the prospect made me rather anxious. A very large part of me wanted to turn down his request but somewhere deep down, I lusted to be aired. I thought it would be a great experience. A few seconds, maybe a minute on air? I figured it would not hurt. I went for it!
My answer to his question was simple. Lying is something that is inside of us all. We have it from when we are born. That explains why our parents will tell us from infantry that lying is bad, that you have to tell the truth. We have to be trained to run from lying, to despite it, to always expect the truth. What I am saying is lying is innate but we can break free. We choose to rise above it. With good upbringing and constant practice, lying could become a tremendous task.
So what is your opinion? Why do people lie? Is it ok to lie in any case? Why or why not?

Countering the Monday Blues

See Sunday evenings are generally deplorable. Depressing even I might add. After having the weekend off, the thought of getting back to it is almost unbearable. Not having the option to sleep in or have coffee while reading the weekend paper edition from back to back, or even simply just being. You know, doing absolutely nothing and still having the justification of it is a weekend, the time to take it easy. Sigh! That ship has sailed, now it is time to plan another week.
But do Sunday evenings really need to be so disheartening? Maybe not. Like the famous expression goes your cup could be half full or half empty depending on how you choose to see it. So you see Sunday evenings could be something entirely different. A chance at a new beginning, the eve for new opportunities, fresh ideas,  a new chapter! And by extension goodbye Monday Blues.
So instead of starting out mad at the universe for refusing to take a break, the morning brings an eagerness to grab that coffee and run out the door,  ready to explore what this new Monday brings your way.
Happy Monday Folks!

Turning Over a New Leaf

Packing up to leave my home is by far the hardest thing I ever had to do. True, I have moved around a lot. But this move, two years ago, was different. I was not going away to school or to temporarily live  with some relatives. This was a complete move to a brand new home. A place I knew nothing about. I was turning over a new leaf.

I wore a brave face even though it was terrifying. As I trimmed down my earthly belongs into two suitcases, I fought back tears with every energy in me. I did not want to leave anything behind. Everything I owned symbolized a memory I desperately needed to hold on to in that moment.

My heart broke as I Continue reading “Turning Over a New Leaf”

It's an Honor; Finally on Board!

On board Resolution
On board Resolution (Photo credit: L2F1)

Dear readers and fellow bloggers,
It is with sheer excitement and a hunger to explore the cyber world that I join this community. It has long been overdue. I should have started a proper blog a long, long time ago. I am thrilled to have finally made this bold step, but I am a little afraid of the dreams that I have for this blog. Continue reading “It's an Honor; Finally on Board!”