Confessions From a Dreamer

Not a morning personI was up before the crack of dawn as was my routine. I fumbled about in the dark apartment readying myself for the day. I never turn on my lights in  the mornings, it is simply too early for that. Taking a deep breath I unlocked the door and released myself into the embrace of pitch darkness. I stood still for a second, allowing my eyes to adjust. There were no street lights and no one in sight either – or at least none that I could see. They might have been enveloped in the darkness of the early morning. I started off on my way, walking as fast as I could. It was so dark that my shadow was a lighter apparition that seemed to float mid-air persistently right behind me.
I knew it was my shadow but it caused me to shiver.
The only sound I could hear was that of my feet as I darted to the bus station. Everything else was quiet. Just silence! At that wee hour of the morning only one thought ran through my usually busy mind. I desperately struggled to explain to myself this ridiculous undertaking. Why was it so vital that I accepted that job?
All reason escaped me.
I could not master a justifiable reason to explain what I found so appealing about being up at such an ungodly hour.  The go-getter part of me must have forgotten to wake up that morning.

The go-getter part of me must have forgotten to wake up that morning.
The go-getter part of me must have forgotten to wake up that morning.

She was awfully quiet when I needed some answers. After all this was her idea, wasn’t it? Where was she? As I half trod half ran all the way to the bus station, my brain continued to comb through itself in search of an answer to no avail.
Several hours later I stood at the top of the stairwell, swearing by our products to a client I was certain would make a major purchase.  I watched as he made his pre-purchase decision. In his eyes I could see him change his mind from indifference to curiosity to consideration. While he contemplated upon it, he subconsciously walked closer and closer into the lobby. I, in response, made subtle backward steps to keep us moving.  We continued to discuss the products, their importance and their benefits. The entire time my heart was beating fast. As we came closer to the verdict, the adrenaline rush swept through my entire being like a warm soothing drug. My heart joined the party. I could feel my insides swaying to keep up with  the tom-tom drums in my chest. There were dancers in my head with huge pink and blue pom poms jumping, moving and swaying to the beat.
I sweetly smiled maintaining a calm disposition. As we shook hands, I slipped my business card into his big palm. He returned my smile and mattered that he would be back.
..knowing that I had bettered someone's life
..knowing that I had bettered someone’s life

I leaned by the receptionist’s counter and watched as he happily marched out of the building, a big lime green and white shopping bag dangling by his side.
Suddenly, I had found my answer!
close the deal
I think my dreamer’s ideal desire is that blissful satisfaction.

This very moment, knowing that I had bettered someone’s life, and being able to close a deal, were the reasons I made it through that morning commute. My love for the job was what kept me going. I think my dreamer’s ideal desire is that blissful satisfaction. It pumps me up for the next day and the one after that. What more could anyone want out of a job?
Are there any parts of your job that you like the least? What gets you through those moments? Leave your comments in the comments section below. We would love to learn what keeps you going. 

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