Countering the Monday Blues

See Sunday evenings are generally deplorable. Depressing even I might add. After having the weekend off, the thought of getting back to it is almost unbearable. Not having the option to sleep in or have coffee while reading the weekend paper edition from back to back, or even simply just being. You know, doing absolutely nothing and still having the justification of it is a weekend, the time to take it easy. Sigh! That ship has sailed, now it is time to plan another week.
But do Sunday evenings really need to be so disheartening? Maybe not. Like the famous expression goes your cup could be half full or half empty depending on how you choose to see it. So you see Sunday evenings could be something entirely different. A chance at a new beginning, the eve for new opportunities, fresh ideas,  a new chapter! And by extension goodbye Monday Blues.
So instead of starting out mad at the universe for refusing to take a break, the morning brings an eagerness to grab that coffee and run out the door,  ready to explore what this new Monday brings your way.
Happy Monday Folks!

2 thoughts on “Countering the Monday Blues”

  1. Goodness me, I started reading this and thought uh huh, yup, tomoro is Sunday n that’s exactly how I feel! But thanks for the enlightenment, all I need is some good relaxing sunday music, usually the older stuff you know….bob marley, donnie mcclurkin, kirk, tamia, TLC…..ya, those guys…n the week is officially off to a good start. Can’t avoid Monday, might as well conquer it!

    1. I could not have put it better myself. You said it perfectly. You cannot avoid Monday, might as well conquer it! I think you should consider becoming a philosopher 🙂 I have always sort of wallowed about how the weekend is ending and how getting back to work sucks lol but I finally decided enough already! I cannot possibly do that every week forever right? So yes, now I take the initiative to enjoy the moment, accept it and make the best of it. Some Bob Marley-Kirk Franklin works for me too-and of course jazz. My sweet sweet jazz!

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