Dear Christmas Gift Recipients

Dear Christmas Gift Recipients,
Every year before Christmas we’re all excited to go gift shopping. It’s a magical time -shopping, gift wrapping, home decorating, and the list goes on. Then comes boxing day when we are all gathered around the Christmas tree eager for the unwrapping festivities. A few seconds into the search and you’ve identified it. It’s the lavish red and green box with your name neatly caligraphed onto a tag that’s slightly tucked underneath the ribbon. You take a seat and animatedly rip off the wrapping paper.
After the holidays we check in with friends and coworkers. Questions such as “How was your Christmas? How did you spend it? What did you get?” are often asked. Too many times we’re not happy with the gifts we receive. It’s either we fail to communicate clearly what we are expecting or our expectations are a little too high. Which leads me to think that perhaps we are losing the essence of the holidays. The holidays are not about the gifts. Yes, I know this has been echoed a gazillion times. It still needs to be drilled in until someone finally pays some attention. The holidays are about celebrating the year, appreciating our accomplishments, those of our families and friends. They are about appreciating each other, loving and spending time with people we don’t get to see as often as we would like to. The holidays should be about love and of course parties. For a Christian like me, they are also about accepting everyone and inviting friends to join me in church. Praising my creator and sharing his love with the world.
As we go into another holiday season, I urge you to refocus your celebrations to the things that matter the most. Gift giving and receiving are a supplement of the season, not the staple. Christ, family and love are the staple. For children, gifting may be a given. But while you buy them those toys they’ve been adding onto their wish lists, please remember to tell them (more importantly to show them) that the gifts are just an extra. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, remember that. Children have to learn early enough the importance of relationships for those values to be in-built.
And when you’ve opened those wrappings and have sampled your gifts, be thankful. It doesn’t matter what you were hoping for. Someone went out of their way to make sure that you received a gift. They tried. They may not have nailed it, but they thought of you. This year let’s be thankful for the gifts that we receive and the efforts that went into the gifting. Let’s appreciate our families and friends. Finding content is not only an act of humility but a way to find that inner peace within yourself. When you’re not angry or upset or disappointed about the things that were not done for you, you’re happy, you’re having a good time. And is that not what we all want?
I’ve included a Thank You Card attachment that you can print and send out to everyone who does something that touches you this season. From spending hours over the stove cooking scrumptious holiday meals, to visiting you or sending you a surprise Christmas package. Thank them. I encourage you to print as many as you need.Thank you card
Happy Holidays, happy gifting and happy contentedness.

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