Eight Months In

So most of 2020 is behind us now yet there is a part of me that is still waiting for things to normalize so I can actually begin the year. It has been a confusing time coupled with a higher level of anxiety. That is how I am feeling.

I have gone through stretches of staying home to periods of going into work and in both settings I have been uneasy. Staying home gets monotonous and occasionally lonely. Then the idea of leaving home after being safely cocooned from potential exposure to covid creates further anxiety. There is a bit of relief in getting some fresh air and getting dressed to go into work. And then worry over being in closer (social distanced, of course) contact with coworkers whose movements and choices I have no control over. Like I said, these has been a confusing time for me.

I hope that your experience is less jumbled than mine seems to be. Or if it is like mine or more complicated, I hope you have an outlet to help keep you sane and calm. I would like to know what your days are like and how you are feeling.

Sending you much love and well wishes as we continue to navigate a rather unusual way of being.

Author: Valerie

I am a storyteller, a writer. I post new articles every other Tuesday. Life is full of wonder. Life is beautiful. I love the uncertainty that comes with it. The ups and downs of living -its high points and low moments, the good times and the bad. I love it all. But what I love even more, is writing about it! I enjoy mentoring girls and young women. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing women rocking in whatever they pursue. My writing however, is in most cases unisex. There is a little something for everyone on all matters lifestyle. My most passionate topic areas include fulfilling my life goals (fighting procrastination), my relationship with money,  and self love (because no one else will know how you expect to be treated if you don't treat yourself right). And then there's travel, food, fashion and books. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (BBA). I also possess extensive experience  and education in communication studies. Welcome to my world. Comment, share and have some fun while you're at it. Are you looking for a creative writer? Or would you like to collaborate? Drop me an email at: memoirsofakenyan@hotmail.com

4 thoughts on “Eight Months In”

  1. Being semi-retired, I was used to being ‘isolated’ to a certain extent, but I DO love my privacy and being able to stay up late, if I choose to do so, and sleeping in, if I choose to do so; therefore, the isolation aspect of covid was not unusual for me. The ‘semi’ aspect of my life situation, though, is doing respite with adults with disabilities. The family I work with expected me to do so during the ‘Pandemic Prison’. I enjoy working with these adult children, so it was a no-brainer to continue to do so; however, I was not thrilled with the fact that their Dad had no regard with respect to continue shopping in the city and taking their adult children with him with no masks. This was a circumstance of which I had no control that did (and does) raise my level of anxiety two-fold, especially because I am part of the vulnerable sector. I knew I was taking a huge chance continuing to work with my charges. The other aspect of this situation is that if I do not do respite, I do not get paid. I had no choice, but to forge ahead and, by the Grace of God, I am not ill. As well, I, too, did not relish the idea of leaving home after my being ‘safely cocooned’ from potential exposure to covid. This created further anxiety and still does. The Dad of these adults was not happy that I chose not to visit with the entire family since March even though I would work with their adult children. To me, my choice not to visit with the entire family was and is perhaps one more step that could ‘save’ me, if that makes any sense?! This is how my life has been since our lockdown; however, now that the opening of businesses is slowly coming to fruition, the numbers are climbing. With fall approaching, restaurants and businesses re-opening and schools opening, I’m curious to see how this all plays out. I’m only too happy that my children are now grown and I do not have to worry about school or protecting them. I guess we will find out by the end of September whether the rush to return to ‘normal’ was worth it.

    1. ‘Pandemic prison’ ha ha so apt! Good on you for making that decision to limit your exposure while you continue to work. That is one thing that I hope everyone out there is aware of, that there are certain aspects of this unknown that each of us can control for our lives. I know we are often limited by many things including financial needs but whenever there is wiggle room, I hope we have the courage to say ‘this is not comfortable for me’ -or something- instead of politely accepting that hug that will cause an extra increase in anxiety.

      I am glad to hear that the isolation has been better than just bearable for you Cindy. And I too am looking to see how September plays out. It is definitely necessary for the economy and perhaps the sanity of parents but what are the implications in respect to the virus?

  2. I was working from home before the pandemic, so the stay-at-home rule didn’t affect me much. I’m ok with being on my own. However, the thought of going out fills me with anxiety. Not to the store or anything, but where I am going to be amongst people. I almost fled from my friend’s house in panic when a bunch of people came by. Oh my! I guess I’m not doing too well eh!

    1. Ha ha your conclusion made me laugh. I get that. You are justified to worry because the virus could be anywhere. As much as many of us are doing our best to stay safe one can’t simply make assumptions. You have to protect yourself ha! If it means fleeing from people, do it (I think it’s fine). When I’m walking on the road and I see oncoming foot traffic even though I have my mask on I cross over to the other side 😂. A coworker today stopped by a bakery to get breakfast. She confessed at work that she didn’t know what she was eating because there were many people in the bakery so she panicked and just pointed to the first thing she saw (She too, had a mask on). So yeah, we are all a little anxious.

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