Feel Good Wednesday: "In Pursuit of Happiness"

When you help other people, you help yourself ...
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Helping others has a magical way of causing us to feel good about ourselves. A study carried out by Michael F Steger an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Colorado State University indicated that virtue-building activities such as volunteering that the individuals’ under study were engaged in caused more happiness than hedonic behaviour.  Aristotle is also reported to have argued some 2400 years ago, that people are happier when they spend sometime in their day carrying out virtue-building activities.
Therefore, for our final feel good Wednesday challenge, I invite you all to do something nice for a friend, a colleague or a family member today without expecting a favour in return. Sometimes a simple act of kindness will brighten another person’s day which in turn will cause you to feel great about yourself.
Let’s help a brother out this Wednesday!
Happy Feel Good Wednesday guys.
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2 thoughts on “Feel Good Wednesday: "In Pursuit of Happiness"”

  1. An excellent post backed by quality insight. Doing something good for others or simply extending a helping hand to someone else creates a positive vibe that explodes in millions of happy cells. No wonder the bible says: “There is more blessing in giving than receiving.”
    Love this, Valerie.

    1. Thank you Uzo.
      I like the way you put it..’Creates a positive vibe’! Where were you while I wrote that article lol. Well said. Yes, there is a greater blessing in giving than in receiving.

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