Good Ol' Memories

As many of you know, this past Wednesday was our first anniversary. I still cannot shake the rush that came over me Wednesday morning when I opened my e-mail account to find, staring back at me, a congratulatory message from WordPress.

Why, thank you WordPress!

First, I was humbled by the mere fact they take it upon themselves to cheer bloggers on along the way. Yes, the messages without a doubt are system generated. Nobody actually sits around monitoring which blog has an anniversary coming up. But the very thought that someone once thought ‘yeah let’s send a message to celebrate with them’, how thoughtful is that!
Secondly, when I first started the blog I did not mark down the start date. So this came as a surprise to me. A great surprise at that.
For the above two reasons in particular, and when I reflect upon all that we have been able to accomplish, I cannot help but feel proud and thankful.
It’s been a productive year. I am excited to discover all that the future holds for us. Hang with us! Stay connected as many new exciting things will be coming your way.
As promised on our facebook fan page and twitter, to celebrate our first milestone, my team and I selected some of our favorite pieces from the past year to recap. Buckle up and take this incredible journey down memory lane with us.
Afrikaanada Woman by Afrikaanada Woman
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder by Mimi
Home by Afrikaanada Woman
Maybe Someday They Will Meet Again by Val Chela
My Nectarous Week-Tea Story by Mimi
Scandal-Fashion by Mimi
The Reality is by Val Chela
Turning a New Leaf by Val Chela

Worrier to Warrior by Afrikaanada Woman

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