Halle Berry at the Oscars, 2013

I realize I am a couple of days late, but I must say that Halle Berry looked phenomenal! I know, I posted it on our facebook fan page already. Clearly, I am in love.
Two items on my agenda this morning!
a.) I have been obsessing about Halle Berry’s dress at the Oscars. I thought she looked gorgeous. I love that her gown covered all that needs to be covered. She wore a very descent yet  flattering metallic Versace gown. She was in deed a show stopper at the 85th Academy Awards.
What was your opinion of her gown?
Halle Berry: 85th Annual Academy Awards
derived from http://www.thesuperficial.com/photos/the-85th-annual-academy-awards/85th-annual-academy-awards-0226-40
b.) Is it just me or has Halle Berry not aged one bit in years? I seem to remember her looking exactly the same during my childhood days, and that believe me is a very long time ago.
I might need her secret formula for my ‘journey downhill’ as my kid brother often points out, seemingly amused with himself.

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