Happy Holidays

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Again we have come to the end of the year. Oddly enough, I recall last Christmas as if it was yesterday. The Christmas trees, the lights, the decorations; all still in perfect condition, almost as if no time has gone by. I can vividly remember typing furiously at my computer what would be my new year’s resolutions. No, you cannot laugh. Some of us still make those. I made two very specific ones. First, I resolved that I should go out a lot more than I did in the prior year, and the one before. Did I keep it? Indeed, I did. This year, I am proudly reporting that I have done a lot more than just work, school, home and then some more work. I went camping even though it is not usually my cup of tea. I took a road trip, four days on the road and it was a refreshing experience. I spent most of my summer weekends at the beach. I actually went out of the city just to see a movie by the lake. I went to the club too several times, which is a lot more times that could be said for my past two years combined. To crown it all, next weekend I will be joining a group of fascinating people on an end of year trip to a cabin outside the city, where we will go on a winter hike and tour the lakes, just to mention but a few planned activities. Frankly, I am exuberantly looking forward to it. For my first 2012 resolution, I nailed it, right? I believe I deserve an A+, what do you think?
My second resolution was to be more outspoken. Did I keep this resolution? Well, this one is a bit more complex than my first. The answer is relative. See, before I made this resolution I was quiet and extremely soft-spoken. Meek, perhaps I should say. Now? Yes, I still happen to be a little more polite than is necessary. However, now I speak up for myself, I make comments, ask questions and even give suggestions. Therefore, in response to this question, I have made positive progress. Even though I am naturally an introvert, I make a conscious attempt to be outspoken, to reach out and relate with others. My journalism professor mentioned once that he too is an introvert but when he gets to work, he pulls his imaginary extrovert coat on and gets things done. I found that to be extremely motivating. Sometimes you have to step out of that comfort zone. A lot of times it is not easy but when you know what your reward will be, you know it is worth the effort.
Having said all that, I feel that I have met my resolutions. As the year’s end draws nearer with each awakening, I feel that holiday wishes are in order. From the bottom of my heart I wish you all happy tidings as you prepare to be with your loved ones and to celebrate the last days of this wonderful year. To those who had a remarkable year, be it professionally, family wise, educationally or whichever way you did, I am glad you had an amazing turn. I also wish you the very best as you embrace the few remaining days. To those who feel it could have been better, remember there is always someone else fighting a greater battle, so be glad despite your troubles. A famous quote goes like this, learn to dance in the rain. And as such I wish you the happiest holidays since you deserve it most. I believe, like you should, that the coming year holds greater promises for you.
Now, let us all raise our glasses to an awesome year and our sincere intent to end it in an astounding manner. Think fireworks, dances and lots of gift giving. Happy Holidays!!
And do tell, what were your resolutions? Did you keep them? Or not? Also, how will you end the year?
~ Val

2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays”

  1. A+ pap! and just so to tell i did not have 2012 resolutions.2012 was to me a very spontaneous year i let everything just take its course,some good wonderful things though have come about some am proud of others i just could have done better ,but for 2013 greater promises indeed awaits.Happy Holidays to you as well.

    1. Thanks a lot Kev. It’s nice to be spontaneous sometimes. Take each day as it comes and make the best of it. I’m glad your year has been good. And for the lessons you’ve learnt I’m sure they’ll come in handy somewhere in your brighter future. This coming year I think I’ll go on and see how it turns out. No resolutions this time, I’ll let you know how that goes.

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