Hey Winterpeg! How Can We Embrace this Winter?

Winterpeg: I went to class in the fall and three hours later I walked out into winter.
Winterpeg: I went to class in the fall and three hours later I walked out into winter.

At 9PM yesterday I was finally done for the day. It had been an extremely long day for me. I desperately wanted, more than anything in the world, to get into bed and float away to blissful dreamland. I had been up for nearly two days. Well, with perhaps an hour of sleep here, another hour there, but mostly awake, working and studying. My assignment was submitted, my test was done and work was long over, finally a light at the end of the tunnel. I grabbed my expensive Ivanka purse (ahem! the Jang’o in me-Jang’o is my tribe that Kenyan’s believe to be very self-absorbed and shallow, which I might be, to some extent) and headed for the door, almost at the speed of light. Who knows how long that door would remain open? As far as I know University of Winnipeg has never locked students in the building against their will, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I had a date with my bed and nothing was getting in the way of that. With the hugest smile a sleep deprived bloodshot eyed human could manage, I pushed against the door freeing myself for the journey home.
The sudden gush of wind that hit me almost shoving me down to the ground was unexpected. But the thing that I certainly hadn’t bargained for, was the seemingly angry downpour of something between snow and rain. That, accompanied by the winds from hell made for a perfect end to the day – and of course the season. I went to class in the fall and three hours later I walked out into winter. Dreadful right? Wrong!
Yes, winter can be a drag. The dipping temperatures, the increasingly shorter days, the snarling traffic after it snows heavily and of course the never-ending sludge. It’s can be long depressing nightmare. But I’ve got news for you, It doesn’t have to be. Fortunately there are so many good things about the winter season and so much to keep the mind off of the cold.
1. There’s no better time to enjoy a mug of delicious hot chocolatey goodness.
Hot chocolate for one never gets old. It’s warm and creamy and chocolatey and so many things could be mixed into it. Peppermint, fudge, whipped cream, caramel and of course our holiday favorite, eggnog! You can find some really yummy hot chocolate recipes to cozy up to on Brit+Co.
2. Do you own an over-sized sweater yet?
Over-sized sweaters are the coolest! It’s like being wrapped up in a hot towel. You know, like they do in spas after a massage? I absolutely love over-sized sweaters. They’re stylish and comfy and very appropriate for the weather. Thanks to these sweaters we can all achieve warmth and make a fashion statement, and AT THE SAME TIME!! Get yourself an over-sized sweater, seriously.  Trust me, you’ll never want to get out of it.
Fireplaces are not only romantic, they're magical beauties..
Fireplaces are not only romantic, they’re magical beauties..         Image Credits: The Makeup Guy

3. Everybody needs a fireplace.
Fireplaces are not only romantic, they’re magical beauties that keep you warm. You know that book you’ve been planning to read for ages now, we grab it (and off course bring your hot chocolate too) and make yourself comfortable by the fireplace. There cannot be a better way to spend the evening.
4. The Christmas Affair.
Throughout December our minds are wrapped up in Christmas planning. It’s a wonderful time of the year bahh pocketwise, not so much. December is fast approaching, it will be here in no time. Remember how the year pretty much just flew by? Aha! So two weeks is nothing at all. My suggestion? Get into the Christmas spirit. Start to make the lists; guest lists, gifting lists, grocery lists and whatever other lists you may need. Start thinking ahead, buy those gifts and wrap them up or better yet decorate the home. When your mind is occupied, the winter is not going to be an issue for you.
5.  Winter sports. 
The NBA has already began and will be on for most of the season, maybe longer. Fantasy pools are tallying the numbers as the games go on. I’m not sure you can join a pool now but you can definitely enjoy the games. Set your TV to record the next game and be a part of the fun.
If you’re more of an outdoorsy sports fan, it’s finally time to play hockey, go snow boarding, skating or skiing. Dig up your ski pants and have some fun.
6. Soups.
It doesn’t matter how cold it is prepare yourself a thick hot bowl of chili, and you’re fixed! Cookinglight.com has 30 chili recipes that I’m convinced will last you through the winter.
7. Fashionable accessories.
Scarfs, tuques, gloves, mittens, leggings. Need I say more?
8. And my personal favorite, boots!
Check out my previous article exclusively on boots for this one.
There’s no cause for misery. There is no need to whine about the winter. Fix yourself a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows -yum! But first things first, get into your brand new over-sized sweater and a cozy pair of slippers. There’s no better time to pamper yourself with all the craziness that comes with the winter. Word hard, play hard!
How do you feel about the winter? How do you stay positive especially when those negatives are dipping for the double digits? Share with us in the comments section below!

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