How was your mother's day weekend?

The confidence and determination that always oozes off of her(
The confidence and determination that always oozes off of her (

This past weekend, yesterday to be specific, was Mother’s day for the most part of the world. I had an amazing time with my mother and our family, and I want to believe that she had just as great a time as we all did in her honor.
When growing up we all go through a  phase where your mother is always wrong or old school and has no idea what’s best for you. But then eventually we come to that wonderful place where mother becomes our confidant, our friend. A place where we are certain that our mother is the rock that we can lean on. That no matter how much we screw up and no matter how quickly everyone else deserts us, mother is always there. I not only speak of our biological mothers but also step moms, guardians, relatives. That person who brought you up grooming you to be the incredibly amazing individual that you are today. A mother is truly a gift, without which the world would have been an entirely different place.
Over the weekend I became very conscious of the fact that there has been a beautiful intimate shift in my relationship with mother. You see, when I was younger, mother and I argued and disagreed about everything. Now, we sort of discuss. Off course we still argue and my mother might tell you that she is convinced that half the time I go against her suggestions intentionally for arguments sake-I say that is an issue for a different day. The point is, despite our different perspectives, I truly understand where her concern comes from. And when we disagree I still know that she is there for me. I do not have the slightest doubt that even when she is completely furious with me, she will still stand up for me if need be. She will still rise to my defense.
My mother is super woman! She’s simply out of this world. Frankly no words could fully define the kind of woman she happens to be. She has been my rock, my shield, my defender and also my critique. And with everything that life has dished out at her, it’s a wonder she has that same warmth I clearly recall from childhood, and the heart of an angel. The confidence and determination that oozes off of her has always fascinated me. I don’t know how she does it. If I could be half the woman she is, I would always walk with my head held high emulating her wonderful traits to the world. I love my mother.
How was your mother’s day weekend? Would you like to share a thing or two about your mother?

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