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One of the biggest lessons I have learnt in my life is to do it now. I am usually a procrastinator with just about everything I do. I always have the plan to get things done but somehow tomorrow always seems like a better day to get started.

In October of last year a cousin of mine and I exchanged the books we were reading (after we both finished reading our own books of course). She gave me what I later found out was a book that’s she reread many times because she likes to remind herself to take action now-and to always start with the thing that she dreads the most. The book is called Eat That Frog. I know right? I thought it was a strange name too. I still do actually although now I get it. The author, Brian Tracy, is arguing that the things we are most resistant to do should be the first that we work on mostly to get it out of the way. Also when you complete the most dreadful or most complex task it gets easier from there.

This book pushed me to finally do something I always planned on doing. Not because he says anything absolutely profound and unheard of but simply because he puts it all so simply that it got me eager to start acting. So in November I put my head down, built my bookstore website and did the rest of the legwork to get the online store on its feet. I have wanted to read lots of books from various parts of the world, bring those books to other readers and have a rich discussion about cultures, traditions and diversity.

Tusomebooks.com is the platform I created to do just that. It’s now nearly ten months since I started the business. Tusomebooks.com is my online bookstore where I bring books from authors of Indigenous decent, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. I have always spent incredible amounts of times in bookstores in my life. One thing that I often noticed was that most bookstores carry much higher percentages of NorthAmerican and British than any other. As a Kenyan-Canadian my goal in reading is to recognize that wonderful stories, beautiful and powerful writings come from every country across the world. I started Tusomebooks.com to create a platform that highlights authors from other regions in the world. The rest of the world too has a lot to share in beautiful, inspiring prose. We also have so much to learn from various cultures.

My hypothesis is that we continue to separate ourselves because we fail to understand those that don’t look like we do. I believe that books have the power to open our eyes so we can see others just as human as we see ourselves. I believe that through reading diversely we can learn a little more about the people that we consider to be too foreign, too different, for us to connect with.

This is my invitation to you to visit Tusomebooks.com. Check out the books currently on the site, pick out a new title for yourself, for your spouse, your siblings, your bff, your children or your nieces and nephews.

Lets all get reading! Lisons! Nagrah! Tusome! Aan Isla Aqrino! Ame Kaandn! 读书


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