I’ve Caught the Winnipeg Jets Bug

Winnipeg Jets

I Admit it.

I know nothing about sports. Like zip, nada. Not. A. Thing.

There, I said  it.

I’m not particularly proud of this but I stopped trying to figure sports out years ago. Honestly, it bores me to death. Sports. All sports, are a total bore to me.

Winnipeg Jets

Now enter the Winnipeg Jets and the current Stanley Cup playoffs. Lately, Winnipeg has been all about the Jets. Imagine living in here now, the home of the Winnipeg Jets. A girl who knows nothing about hockey. One who has never taken the initiative to learn about the sport or to understand the history of the team. The jets are everything, everywhere, EVERY DAY. I’d have to have been living under a rock to not be influenced in some way. 

The energy of the Jets’ fans aka Winnipeg is something out of this world. Quite frankly, I’ve never seen anything like it. When there is a game literally the entire city is in Jets t-shirts, hats, jerseys etc. At work coworkers come fully clad in Jets gear. On the streets most buildings or various street corners have the words ‘Go Jets Go’ or the Jets flag. Vehicles proudly display the flag as they cruise around the city. On game nights, even the away games, fans go to the MTS centre fully dressed in white -wigs and face paint included.

Wow. Just, wow.

I Caught the Winnipeg Jets Bug

The other day I was completely minding my own business at home. The TV was on in the background when I noticed guys smashing a little plane. Laughing out loud  in bewilderment, I pointed to the screen. Right then I recognized the logo, the Winnipeg Jets logo on the plane. The Nashville Predators were hard at work literally smashing a tiny plane, apparently a Beech 77 Skipper. I was amused and suddenly drawn.

Me, who knows nothing about hockey was finally influenced into watching the game. I was glued in-front of the TV screen cheering on a team I knew so little about. Yet the tension I felt was so real. I desperately wanted the Jets to beat the Nashville Predators. I sat there all those hours my heart beating fast and my tummy tying in knots. I hated the stress of it yet I loved every moment.

Early in the game, a player was sent into the penalty box. I thought to myself, ‘oh time out like for children who misbehave’. You might laugh at me but that simplified version of the sin bin helped me get it (somewhat). I’m sure I’m still very green but hey, this is progress people.

I caught the bug. I own a jets jersey dress too. Yes, a dress because I love to stay stylish in whatever activity I do. Now that I have the Jets fever I want to do it in style. I cannot wait to wear it. I am actually super excited to be a Jets fan. Now somebody, buy me a ticket to a game already :P.

In all seriousness though, the energy of the fans is infection. It fills you up and carries you right into the game. It was a remarkable experience. I can’t imagine what being in that arena is like.

But Just one Question

I have just one question about the Nashville Predators. What was with the catfish?

PS Jets Players: I love the beard culture. It’s kind of like a wishbone. A good luck charm. I love it. Those beards make you look super hot. Ahem!

Go Jets Go!

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  1. As a somewhat sports fan, especially when it comes to our Winnipeg Jets or our Winnipeg Blue Bombers – and I consider myself well-versed in the rules and regulations of both games – I am very impressed that our Jets ‘fever’ has converted non-sports fans INTO hockey fans! Personally, I am SO proud of the Winnipeg fans and the fact that these large crowds have not turned into mayhem, which, more often than not, does happen in large cities. I hope and I pray that our fans continue to be respectful and happy, no matter the outcome.

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