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  1. Ok…I hope we do not have the same friends when it comes to this.A friend of mine from West Africa used to love plassaas…I can’t spell it but its a dish and its said as I have spelt it.Everytime we hang out she would talk about it and one time at her house she offered it to me.No offense to the lovers of this dish but it was so oily and green and in a HUGE bowl…I thought she was joking when she said it was edible.Worst experience ever,but I ate it to avoid offending her and her food.Never told anyone this and hoping no one is offended.

    1. LOL it was green in color? Now I’m really curios, I actually would like to see it. I’m sure no one is offended, it’s how you feel and we are all different.
      I have done that countless times too,sadly. I have pretended to like something when in fact I did not. My perfect example is this dress that a friend got me about 2years ago I think. I hated it, it made me look fat and the style was wrong for my bust. The color too was totally wrong for me. But about a week after she gave it to me I braved myself and wore it to go meet her. I wanted her to know I appreciated her effort, I couldn’t hurt her especially since she said she saw it and just thought of me. I guess to me I was sparing the feelings of someone I care for. I don’t know if its fair to do it in that way or not, but to be honest if I got you a dress and you hated it I want you to tell me so I don’t make the same mistake over and over again. In my defense we weren’t close enough for me to judge her reaction to my saying no thanks. So I kept it and still have it hanging in my closet.

  2. A lifetime ago, 3 girls were walking from school on a Friday evening, happily yapping away. It started raining…a drizzle really. We were walking slowly, no rush, it was the weekend after all. Then Sal noticed a spot on the ground that had sinking sand. For 13 year old girls that was such a phenomenon, is the earth sinking lowly by slowly? And the games began, right there in the rain. Two hours later, three became a crowd of girls all playing and dancing to the “Candy Rain” hit by Soul for Real…aaah good times! My aunt had to come to find me…what happened after is a story for another day 😉

    1. LOL I would love to know what happened after that! Some thorough beatings I’m guessing? I miss those old days, being a kid was so much fun. I hated the punishments-I’m sure we all did but now those are stories that spice up gatherings 🙂

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