Letting the Cat Out of the Bag, sort of..

write-a-bookOne of my biggest dreams is to write books. Thought-provoking books with captivating story lines and fascinating characters. Inspiring books that speak to those who want to make a career in writing and any other of the fields I have, and intend to explore in the near future. I spend a ridiculous amount of time writing, tossing and rewriting, hoping for a masterpiece to something incredible. And with each article I write, including those that never make it to a second pair of eyes, bring me closer to that dream. Because in doing, you experience. It is from that experience that you not only get the courage to step out boldly and fulfill your dream, but you also learn from your own errors, and discover your greatest attributes. To top that, it helps you to either work around your weaknesses or work on them to become better at whatever you are pursuing. 
As I write this blog and often times privately as well, I also take the time to read other writers’ materials and watch videos by successful people. About two months ago I began to narrow down my online research searches to Manitoba [the province where I currently reside] and Kenya [the country where I was born and raised]. Less than a month later I ran into someone simply amazing.writing books
One evening I was skimming through WordPress blogs from Manitoba based writers when a book title suddenly caught my attention. The title along with the  imagery on the cover page made me stop and follow the link to the book’s press release and the author’s website. Hours later, after intensely scrutinizing the site, I wrote this writer an e-mail expressing my curiosity and eagerness to read this book. I also invited the writer to be our mentor for May.
It is from that experience that I obtained this lesson: The title of your book and the book cover speak volumes to readers. Always go with a title that is both catchy and creates suspense or curiosity. The imagery on your book cover has to be nothing short of spectacular. I will save the rest of the advising for our writer seeing as they are the guru here !
As an upcoming writer myself, I feel personally excited to be hosting this writer on the blog beginning next Monday the 5th. I invite you to stay tuned and check out the tips and inside stories we will be receiving.
In the meantime, have an incredibly productive and fun-filled week.
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