My Monday Morning Transit

My Monday Morning Transit

On the morning transit

It is approaching 8AM and I’m heading off to work. I am tired and sleepy and most definitely cranky. I am not a morning person in any sense of the word. I’m at the bus stop waiting on the ’43’, my morning transit bus. According to the Winnipeg Transit app, the bus should be here any minute.

It is also cold which is not helping me at all.

This particular bus driver is great but extremely perky. It makes me mad just how cheery he is. Not mad at him, at me. Why can’t I be like that?

In the mornings, I would much rather not talk. But since I hate it when I energetically approach people and they give me nothing, I put my best effort for this bus driver. He’s warm, always in a jolly mood. I wish he could send some of that energy my way. I am the exact opposite.

As the bus pulls up to a stop and the door slides open, I fight against every muscle in my face to crack a smile. It’s a tough battle I tell you but I refuse to lose.

If this man can be cheery every morning yet he wakes up way before me, drives up and down picking moody people such as myself, then I have no excuse.

I can afford to smile at him and against the wishes of my crocky morning voice, give a resounding ‘I’m great! How are you?’ Then I remind myself to pause long enough to hear his answer. All the while I’m saying a silent prayer that all he’ll say is ‘Oh I’m good.’

In my seat I look around at my fellow morning travelers. I’m both relieved and amused by the looks on their faces. Clearly, I’m in good company.

I chuckle.

I know I probably have a scarier frown across my face but the not-a-morning-person guilt has quickly vanished. ‘Thank you dear morning transit-mates.’

It’s really early, and a Monday! Plus it’s cold. I need to take my time to adjust to all these things.

In my mind’s eye, I cannot help but picture the contrast between a Friday after work look versus my Monday morning one.

Damn you Monday!

You should have seen my Julia Robert’s smile as I walked out from work on Friday evening.

Happy Monday my good people!

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  1. Lol. That’s was good and totally true. People that ARE morning people just don’t understand how horribly hard it is to turn that happy smile on in the morning when you’re just not there yet.

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