My good friend finds great humor in my inability to participate in conversations for the first few hours of the morning.  I like to get to my desk and silently work away as my body finds a way to deal with denial- that the night is gone.
Because of my quiet morning nature, my friend (we’ll call him T’Gerry), decided that I am The grouch. As if just saying it did not suffice, he went the extra mile and bought me this mug.

The Grouch
The Grouch

Thank you T’Gerry for such a wonderful humorous mug. This is so far the awesomest mug I own. But I insist that I am not grouchy at all- not in the mornings not ever! OK T’Gerry?
PS: Stay tuned for more cool mugs.
Are you a mug collector? What are some of your favorite mugs? Or are you a collector of other items? Share your photos and comments in the comments section below. It’s always great hearing from you.

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