A Painfully Fabulous Christmas

Well, something that does not involve detrimental self-indulgence. (Photo credit: K. Yankov)

It is a quarter after 1 a.m. and yet I am still wide awake. I feel exhausted but not from keeping busy or working all day.  No, from sitting around watching none stop comedy, movies and listening to music. I know I should be festive and I truly have been but still, I need something more. I know you see it too.  I might be turning into a workaholic and oddly enough, I like the sound of it.
This Christmas my feasting was a little over the top. It was incredible; with candles and wine, barbecue ribs, roasted chicken, steak, french fries and believe me, the list goes on, and on! We had our dinner unusually early, say about 4 p.m. Turns out a festive dinner at 4 p.m is the way to go. Continue reading “A Painfully Fabulous Christmas”

Happy Holidays

Fireworks (Photo credit: bayasaa)

Again we have come to the end of the year. Oddly enough, I recall last Christmas as if it was yesterday. The Christmas trees, the lights, the decorations; all still in perfect condition, almost as if no time has gone by. I can vividly remember typing furiously at my computer what would be my new year’s resolutions. No, you cannot laugh. Some of us still make those. I made two very specific ones. First, I resolved that I should go out a lot more than I did in the prior year, and the one before. Did I keep it? Indeed, I did. This year, I am proudly reporting that I have done a lot more than just work, school, home and then some more work. I went camping even though it is not usually my cup of tea. I took a road trip, four days on the road and it was a refreshing experience. I spent most of my summer weekends at the beach. Continue reading “Happy Holidays”

Turning Over a New Leaf

Packing up to leave my home is by far the hardest thing I ever had to do. True, I have moved around a lot. But this move, two years ago, was different. I was not going away to school or to temporarily live  with some relatives. This was a complete move to a brand new home. A place I knew nothing about. I was turning over a new leaf.

I wore a brave face even though it was terrifying. As I trimmed down my earthly belongs into two suitcases, I fought back tears with every energy in me. I did not want to leave anything behind. Everything I owned symbolized a memory I desperately needed to hold on to in that moment.

My heart broke as I Continue reading “Turning Over a New Leaf”

It's an Honor; Finally on Board!

On board Resolution
On board Resolution (Photo credit: L2F1)

Dear readers and fellow bloggers,
It is with sheer excitement and a hunger to explore the cyber world that I join this community. It has long been overdue. I should have started a proper blog a long, long time ago. I am thrilled to have finally made this bold step, but I am a little afraid of the dreams that I have for this blog. Continue reading “It's an Honor; Finally on Board!”