Winter pagan Weather (Guest Post)

Wrists tingling,
Nose freezing,
Ears stinging.
Frosted tears filling my eyes.
All is a haze as I steady myself along the icy path.
Yesterday the sky was dazzling azure blue, Continue reading “Winter pagan Weather (Guest Post)”

The Rocky Mountains: The Majestic Mountain Barrier

And with these breathtaking snap shots of one of the greatest sights on earth, I wish you a fantastic new week!

Driving down to the Banff National Park in Alberta Canada.
Driving down to the Banff National Park in Alberta Canada.
Cool bulgeBeautiful!

A magnificent view of the Rockies from a Gondola
A magnificent view of the Rockies from a Gondola

I love the cloud shadows between the mountains
I love the cloud shadows between the mountains

And a close up look at the Rockies
And a close up look at the Rockies

What's really in a Dream

Dreams So Real (album)
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘The residue of the day’s activities acted upon by our unrestrained wishes, fears and desires.’ wrote Miss Lonelyhearts on the Winnipeg Free Press website.
Miss Lonelyhearts, a writer who answers questions readers ask on the Winnipeg Free Press website recently replied to a reader’s question concerning bad dreams that this reader has been having lately. In answering this question, Miss Lonelyhearts explained that the reason why she was having very similar dreams all themed on breaking up with her significant other was because the reader’s subconscious mind needed her fears of being dumped to be dealt with. In her exact words Miss Lonelyhearts wrote, Continue reading “What's really in a Dream”

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

My kick-ass friend nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and I am thrilled. My sincerest gratitude for your kindness Uzoma. I am humbled to learn that you, especially being such an incredible writer, find my blog inspiring. It is people like you that reignite that fire in me, refueling my ambition to become an even better, more dynamic and creative writer surpassing mediocrity. I cannot help but say it again, it is an honor to be nominated for this Award. Thank you Uzo and all my beloved readers!

The Rules: Continue reading “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

When the Soul Seeks

A stencil painted on Valentines day depicting ...
To me, love was this enormously bizarre emotion that transcended definition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I wrote this poem when I was a teenager and posted it on an old blog that I wrote back in the day.

Reading through this old blog, I realized that as much as I am older now, some things are yet to change. When I wrote this poem, I was curious about love. To me, love was this bizarre emotion that transcended definition. I could never quite understand the concept of love. It was completely alien to me. I did not comprehend how one finds that special someone who becomes the best thing in their life. I wondered how one would know when they met someone worth keeping. I could not grasp the idea of being so certain about one’s feelings for another.
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Lake Victoria: Rediscovering Africa

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

Lake Victoria is the second largest freshwater lake in the world. It is also the largest lake in Africa. It covers 68,800km^2 which translates to 26563.8 square miles. The lake was named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom by the first European who discovered the lake. Lake Victoria is also the chief reservoir of the River Nile which is regarded to be longest river in the world. The river Nile originates in Burundi then flows through northeastern Africa into Egypt and then finally drains into the Mediterranean sea.
Lake Victoria is a tourist attraction for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. When you plan your African safari be sure to visit East Africa to see this incredible water body and the wild life such as the different fish types, hippos, birds and butterflies. River Nile is also a breathtaking site to behold. Continue reading “Lake Victoria: Rediscovering Africa”

Got to Love Bathroom Graffiti

My dear followers and friends, I am certain that you know I am not of Canadian origin thanks to my very first article. If this is your first time to stop by, well now you know.
I never once saw bathroom graffiti in a Kenyan University or even at my former high schools-as I went through three different ones. When I joined University upon my arrival here in Manitoba, Canada, I was flabbergasted to see pencil writings all over the bathroom stalls. Not just in one or two bathrooms, but several. Every single bathroom stall I have been into in the school compound is magnanimously covered in graffiti. I have been tempted to walk into the gents just to make sure it is not only a lady-bathroom-thing. But because I opt to remain dignified, I refrain from checking in. So dear gents, share this little piece of Intel with us, if you please. Is graffiti present in the gents bathrooms as well? Continue reading “Got to Love Bathroom Graffiti”

Don't Fake It 'til You Make It

Don’t Fake it ’til you make it (Photo credit: TED Conference)

For the past couple of weeks, TED talks have been my favourite videos to watch. I have dramatically transformed from spending zero time on YouTube to signing into YouTube every chance I get. TED talks showcase very intelligent individuals from all walks of life discussing a variety of topics that matter to them. I find these talks quite insightful, causing me thinking outside the box. They truly are remarkable.
A few days ago I was watching Amy Cuddy discussing body language and its influence on who we are and how others perceive us. This particular topic got me thinking. Often times when I walk into a room full of strangers every last bone in my body would much rather shrink and disappear than address that crowd. Continue reading “Don't Fake It 'til You Make It”

For All The Party Lovers Out There

Disco ball in blue
 Have a smashing night out… and be responsible!    I need you here to read me tomorrow, just kidding (maybe).

Rihanna's New Clothing/Shoe Line for River Island

We all love fashion and for 2013, fashion is swiftly becoming a lot more exciting, affordable and vibrant. Among the things I love the most about fashion are its creativity and the expression of personality. Fashion is probably the one thing in my life that I have complete control over. About a week ago, Rihanna launched her clothing line for River Island. This is the first time I  have heard about River Island, after reviewing their website. I am very happy to announce that Riri launched her clothing and shoe line because they fit right into her style. I have to say, I am pleasantly satisfied with Rihanna’s line as it is affordable, upscale and of course very chic.
Rihanna’s River Island Clothing line consists of contemporary tops, t-shirt, jeans, dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, skirts, boots and a lot more. Some of the items are sold out already! I am looking to ordering two items myself. My fingers are crossed that I will receive them just in time for spring.
Check out Rihanna’s new Clothing line.

White Rihanna cropped T-shirt
White Rihanna cropped T-shirt

Dark wash Rihanna double top straight jeans
Dark wash Rihanna double top straight jeans

So? What do you ladies think of Rihanna’s new clothing line… it?

My Blissful Sunday Morning

English: Sun Rise on the Mt. Fuji
English: Sun Rise on the Mt. Fuji (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunday morning is always a gift. I dare say it is my best day of the week and the only morning that I jump out of bed with zero reservation. I love my Sundays. I have a special routine, I chose to call it my Sunday ritual. It is nothing extraordinary, simply my special way to unwind.
Every Sunday morning I wake up around nine o’clock and start to brew my coffee. As I wait for it to get ready, I sit by my kitchen window enjoying the beautiful view, watching the sun rising and taking in the exquisite warmth of the rising sun, all the while sniffing in the sweet offering of coffee odor as it brews in the pot. Once my coffee is good to go, and I have had my fair share of Vitamin D thanks to the rising sun, I serve myself a huge mug, grab a fashion magazine, my bathtub pillow and take to the bathroom where I spend a good hour or two. Oh blissful morning, a little slice of heaven it truly is.
What is your Sunday morning routine? Do you have one? Or do you choose to sleep in or simply go with the flow?

Naming the Pope

"Habemus Papam" - Cardinal Jorge Mar...
“Habemus Papam” – Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J., has been elected Pope Francis (Photo credit: Catholic Church (England and Wales))

See I did not know this. Call me ignorant or whatever you see most becoming of this situation, but at the very least I owned up to it. That has to be worth something, right? As it turns out, the pope adopts a new name upon appointment. I first heard about this at work. My colleagues were discussing it. Most of them knew about it prior to the discussion but a few did not and yes, I belonged with the latter group. I found this revelation very fascinating. One thing is for sure, it explained the sort of names that they all have; Pope Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II et all. I had not given it much thought before but right after I learnt that they picked out these names, like a light bulb it all made sense to me. Continue reading “Naming the Pope”

Glutton of Punishment

Baby Steps
So go on and do something differently today.(Photo credit: johnwilliamsphd)

In just about every story, be it a novel, movie or even a non-fiction narrative, there is always that character constantly hungry for punishment. That person who repeatedly throws themselves into the fire. That individual who never seems to learn from past mistakes. Who subconsciously craves for pain, frustration or failure. That no matter how many times they may have been bitten, they do not learn their lesson or perhaps, they do not realize they may be better off moving on. In soap operas it happens over and over again. Then again, soap operas are on a league of their own and as such they require their own very special attention. So we will save that for another day. Right this moment, let us deal with these rather intriguing characters who persistently follow their pain, their sorrow. It is a sad situation,  but nonetheless I am inclined to point out that it is quite humorous.
For all the lovers of the classics, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice vividly points this out. In her story, Caroline Bingley stalkishly follows Mr. Darcy around. He pays her absolutely no attention and is quick to point out his low regard for her. Yet she persistently throws herself at him, hoping he would eventually turn around and marry her. Whether Mr. Darcy was aware of Caroline’s affections for him, is not entirely clear. Personally, I like to imagine that he did in fact notice her sentimentality but was completely unmoved. His callousness and  coldness towards her especially considering their close acquaintance was shocking. It was an embarrassing scene watching her as she came back for more; never learning from the pain she must have experienced each time he reminded her that his eyes were set on someone else. It was quite a shame.
In the ‘Twilight’ series, Bella’s heart was ripped apart by Edward’s departure. The pain almost killed her. For a really long time, she could not recover. As if she had not experienced enough torture, enough pain, Bella ran into the arms of the only other monster in search of empathy or was it love? It appears Bella could only be attracted to worldly creatures. Jacob also hurt her deeply,causing yet another hole in her heart. One would think she would have  perhaps dated a normal human being following the Edward experience, but evidently she could not to help herself.
This is probably true of all humanity. We  have the tendency to go back to the pain that we have known. To allow things or even people to open wounds that they have caused. We all experience the urge to return to that which is familiar.
After all, better the devil you know than the angel you don’t, right?
Is that not what they say? Well I disagree. I insist that it is upon us to refuse to be hurt. It is our responsibility to dust off our failures and never look back. Learn from your mistake, do not accept them as a safe haven. Sometimes the unfamiliar new challenges are exactly what one needs to finally get it right. So go on and do something differently today.
Do you agree that a lot more often than we care to admit we settle for less than we deserve because we are afraid to demand something more? Why or why not?

Timeless or Lesstime? (Guest Post)

In Search Of Lost Time
Chance is given to the opportunist…who seizes the moment (Photo credit: bogenfreund)

We live as if we have all day and every day.
But all we have is now, not someday.
If we forever miss the now, then what will be done?
If we miss our chance, then we have less than won.
Opportunity comes, opportunity goes.
What will we make of it? What seeds will be sown?
We live as if our days we can borrow.
Let me tell you something. We never have tomorrow.
For when tomorrow comes, it will be today.
So act now and not some other date.
What is that one thing you’ve always wanted to give a shot?
Would you move towards the goal in the time that you’ve got?
Maybe eighty years is a long breadth of time—
But already eight seconds passed while reading this rhyme.
You have the Now—move forward while you still have the chance.
Chance is not a roll of the die; not some probability stat.
Chance is given to the opportunist . . . who seizes the Moment for what it is.
Focus. Don’t let anything, anyone hold you back from your Dreams.
You have Today. You have Now.
Dear Opportunist, Now is the Time to take the die out of the equation and—Step Out.

Maybe Someday They Will Meet Again

English: The beach at Swansea "Light brea...
She stood there staring behind him as he disappeared into the dusk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They held hands and laughed heartily at each other’s jokes. Gazing deeply into his eyes she bit her lower lip. She was sure she was the happiest girl alive. He had never felt so ecstatic before. In his mind, he kept echoing to himself what now? He was torn. He knew what his heart wanted, it was literally yelling out the words at him, deafening his inner self. His body on the other hand was unwilling to take that leap of faith. He was stuck in that moment. Most of him was happy, too happy but that puny part of him was pained, an overwhelming pain. He could barely control it. He continued to cling onto her tender delicate hands, lost in the eyes that lovingly stared back at him. He was certain she was waiting. His heart bled for her and for himself, for he darn well knew exactly what was about to unfold before them. Still smiling, well he thought he was smiling, but his heart was swollen with anguish. He could take it no more. A thick tear cascaded down his face betraying his despondency. Confused, she took a step closer to him doing her best to read his face, his emotion. The confusion in her eyes was livid but she refrained to ask for she was afraid of his response. Instead she watched him, desperately trying to figure it out.
Slowly the beauty of the sunset was forgotten. The gentle music of the sea and the warm sand beneath their feet instantly became the last thing on their minds. They were lost in each other. Some place between bliss and torment. In frenzy he clutched at her arms and pulled her to himself crushing her fragile feminine lips against his rough sculpted ones. He then wrapped his arms around her and was gently stroking her hair. At that very moment she caught on and her eyes instantly welled up, hot stinging tears fighting for release. She hugged him back with a might she never thought she possessed. She was now aware of exactly what was about to happen, and it did. He pulled away from her. With a tiny crack of a smile at the corner of his lips he took a step back then glanced at her one more time, a slow lingering stare trying to take in as much of her as he could carry with him. Then he turned his back on her and walked away. She stood there staring behind him as he disappeared into the dusk. The silent sobs no longer so silent, her affliction was unbearable. She truly was overwhelmed. Her soft sobs slowly grew louder and the torment seemed to be crushing her. She crumbled, falling onto the warm sand where she lay for what felt like eternity.
About an hour later, she concluded that she was lucky to have loved. She decided it did not matter that she had met and lost him in almost no time yet he seemed to have been made just for her. He belonged in a different world but he loved her, and she him. She reminded herself that was all she ever wanted. Picking herself up and forcing a smile across her tear-stained face, she resolved to count her blessings rather than to mourn over spilt milk. And who knows maybe someday they will meet again.

A Letter to My Country, Kenya

Animated flag of Kenya.
May we dwell in unity, peace and liberty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear brothers and sisters,
This morning I woke up and said a prayer for you. I cannot not help but feel a little anxious today. I am thrilled to think that after tomorrow, a new era begins. I am excited by the prospect of new leadership, new things, a bright new beginning. But my heart throbs from the fear of a negative reaction. That the selfish part of being human comes to blind our greater love for humanity, the love for our people.
Like most of you, I am filled with excitement, anxiety, and suspense. Anxiety I should say, is the deepest emotion I bear. And so I sat up in bed in my dimly lit room and closed my eyes. I prayed for my country, I prayed for the elections. Continue reading “A Letter to My Country, Kenya”

Halle Berry at the Oscars, 2013

I realize I am a couple of days late, but I must say that Halle Berry looked phenomenal! I know, I posted it on our facebook fan page already. Clearly, I am in love.
Two items on my agenda this morning!
a.) I have been obsessing about Halle Berry’s dress at the Oscars. I thought she looked gorgeous. I love that her gown covered all that needs to be covered. She wore a very descent yet  flattering metallic Versace gown. She was in deed a show stopper at the 85th Academy Awards.
What was your opinion of her gown?
Halle Berry: 85th Annual Academy Awards
derived from Continue reading “Halle Berry at the Oscars, 2013”

Egypt's Great Sphinx of Giza: Black History Month

English: Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt. Español:...
English: Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt. Español: Gran Esfinge de Giza, Egipto. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Third on our charts this month is Egypt’s Great Sphinx of Giza.
Did you know that ancient Egyptians built the Sphinx and laid it in front of the pyramid to guard the tombs?  The Sphinx has the head of a man, the face of a pharaoh, a hawk or a ram and the body of a lion.
Egypt is known for its astounding Giza pyramids and the pharaohs. At memoirsofakenyan however, we choose to highlight Egypt’s Great Sphinx of Giza, the world’s largest monolith(a single gigantic rock) statue. It is the most famous Sphinx in Egypt. This phenomenal piece of architecture is as spectacular if not more, than the pyramids of Egypt. The Great Sphinx of Giza has greatly influenced tourism in Egypt along with Giza Pyramid Complex and ancient history of the pharaohs.