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If you have basic or cable Television then you have probably seen the trailer for the TV drama series Scandal. Scandal is a drama series created by Shonda Rhimes, this woman is a genius with creating Televison shows. Rhimes is also the creator of Greys and Private Practice. I have to admit I got tired of Greys after the 3rd season, so when I saw the first episode of Scandal I knew this was going to be a show I would not get tired of watching and definitely it was going to be one of my top 5 favorite TV series. I love this show because 1) Fashion!! 2) Drama 3) Romance/Crazy Love and 4) Politics.
I have always loved Kerry Washington as an actress but this show has made me love her even more not only as an actress but as a woman. This woman is sexy and smart! and carries herself with such grace. Washington plays Olivia Pop a crisis management guru who is the country’s number one go to person when you find yourself in serious legal trouble. Kerry’s wardrobe is very conservative and sexy on this show, I love how they incorporate pants, jeans and dresses into her professional wardrobe and still finding ways to keep her looking sexy. Okay enough ranting. Here are some of my favorite looks from the show.
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