Stimulate Your Passion for the Job

To be more successful we need to recognize that it is our own responsibility to find fulfillment in our careers.
To be more successful we need to recognize that it is our own responsibility to find fulfillment in our careers.
I strongly believe that emotions towards what we do for a living are a great motivator for success or failure. Many successful individuals repeatedly point out the importance of passion. As much as the purpose of the job is to provide a source of income, we spend an awful amount of time working each day. While some of us may be business owners and others employees at a variety of organizations, it is important that we recognize that to be more successful, we need to make it our responsibility to find fulfillment in our careers. 
Earlier today, I watched a short video on the She Takes on The World TV channel where Natalie MacNeil pointed out three things that we could do to improve our work-space and generate a positive atmosphere around ourselves. I share them with you today because I am certain that to be more successful we need to recognize that it is our own responsibility to find fulfillment in our careers. At times this comes easy while on other occasions our judgement is blinded by frustrations that we forget why we love our jobs. The following suggestions are intended to trigger those positive emotions.
  • Honouring your work daily - This could include keeping a gratitude journal to help you reflect on the perks that come with your job. Or simply being thankful for the opportunities available to you.
  • Do not sit all day - Here Natalie suggests occasionally using a higher surface for your computer that allows you to stand and be at eye level with your computer. I suggest taking a walk every so often particularly for those working from cubicles where working on your feet would be a little strange. For entrepreneurs or work-from-home individuals either option is great for you.
  • Stimulate your work-space - This includes listening to music that stimulates the creative you or having some flowers at your desk that add a little character to it. Natalie also suggests having brighter colored walls such as yellow or blue.
As this is a new week, my challenge for you is that you implement one of Natalie MacNeil's suggestions and get back to me with the results as the week goes on.

What other methods do you use to remain positive at work?

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