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Isabella Nabwire O. a.k.a Bella Candice is an intelligent young God-fearing lady. She is a law student who speaks passionately about her field of study and the nitty gritties involved there in. She is beautiful and very vibrant. Her love for fashion oozes off of her impeccable fashion sense. Her love for fashion is clearly inborn as she certainly has a way of owning her style as she confidently goes about her business.
Isabella admitted to Style Buzz that she is afraid of the dark. Almost immediately she countered her confession announcing her love for chocolate. Isabella enjoys a good laugh and likes to spend time with her family and friends. She stated that she is a “neat freak”. She also enjoys warm baths, shower gels, towels and anything fluffy. But most of all Isabella is “a crazy rumba lover.”
Isabella is also a fashion blogger at where she writes and post images of stylish garments and ideas. Style Buzz caught up with Bella this past week and she accepted to share with us some of her fashion likes and obsessions.
What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion to me means the timeless pieces that one adorns to fit the occasion, and body physique. Fashion is the only way one communicates to the public in total silence while bringing out their inner personality. To me fashion is not the same as trends. Fashion resides deep in my soul.
Describe your style:
Elegant and classy with a touch of retro and some African detail. I tend to switch from casual to official due of the nature of my profession.

How does your style describe your personality?
My style fully describes my personality. I always do my best to emerge flawlessly dressed although it is human nature to miss the target every once in a while. Besides, we all have our nay moments. I am however, never afraid to dress up in anything I feel like, be it trendy or not. This vividly portrays my confidence. My very colorful lips and the frequent pops of color betrayed in most of my attire clearly prove my strong personality and ability to make decisions without being swayed by others.

Name some trending items you love:
My Lipstick, jewelry, watches, my simple yet very personalized hairdo’s and most importantly, my smile. It is my greatest asset.
What are the most important items that show your style?

A good pair of jeans, black tee or vest, white tee or vest, a little black dress, a pair of good sun glasses, a great handbag, a good pair of heels and sandals.
What are your favorite fashion items in your closet?
My favorite item from my closet changes often. I think whatever is new at the time in question would be my favorite item. Just recently it was a rugged cropped denim jacket  which has now been displaced by my three days old mustard pants.
Name a few items that are a must have in your hand bag:
The most important item in my handbag is my make up porch. It carries all that I need to freshen up [laughs] yes, to freshen up. It also contains my phone charger.

What fashion items are you obsessed with? Well…In all honesty, I am torn between shoes and accessories. But I want to say shoes!
If you could raid a celebrity’s closet, who would it be?
If I could raid a celebrity’s closet I would rob..umh.. Fai Fai’s closet.  She is not your everyday celebrity but I just want everything she has. You can find her at
Get to hang out with Isabella at her blog
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