Mentor of the Month [April]: Interviewing The Abstract Artist

Shayani Ann Turko is an emerging writer and visual artist, currently completing a four year degree in Communications at the University of Winnipeg. She is also the Facilitator and current team leader of the Awakening A Bold Love (page available on Facebook), which is a grassroots group of creatives, who desire to lead the way in ushering in a new paradigm for faith, community, missions and life. Apart from organizing and directing multi-dimensional, multi-artist, art shows for the Awakening, she is also the editor of “I am dark but lovely”, which is the digital magazine of the Awakening, as well as its main web page.

Sometimes it is through our darkest experiences that we discover our deepest passion. At times, when we have struggled, suffered and perhaps even failed a few times, is when it gets crystal clear. What we desire out of life, the ambitions we want to fulfill and the life journey we would like to embark on, suddenly glares right into our faces.
This is true for Shayani Turko who at a very trying time in her life, discovered her love for abstract art. As a staunch christian, Shayani boldly states that God is the center of her creations. Shayani explains that she used art and poetry to express her pain through which she gradually experienced deep healing.  In her exact words Shayani says that through abstract art, ” suddenly, I found my voice!”
For the month of April, Shayani will be sharing with us her narrative as an abstract artist from an angle like no other; a perfect combination of faith, passion and genuine love for others.
In today’s issue the artist shares her challenges expressing that by having patience, focusing on a specific goal, resisting discouragement & realizing that she does not have to prove herself to anyone, she has been able to overcome many difficulties in her field. Continue reading “Mentor of the Month [April]: Interviewing The Abstract Artist”