3 Tips to Get Rid of Stressors

A couple of weeks back I read this very fascinating article that provided tips on how to make our lives less stressful, to lead simpler lives and accomplish more. I fell in love with the angle that the writer used in writing that article so I read it over and over again. I then picked out my favourite tips from the list as I was to give a speech on simplifying our lives. As you happen to be my favourite people, I decided to share these tips with you. Also be sure to visit the article’s original site as there are plenty more great ideas where these came from.

  1. Cultivate the practice of thinking through favours.

I am a yes machine. Saying yes comes a lot more naturally to me than saying no. I often in the past found myself saying yes to the most ridiculous requests. “Would you like to work the night shift while I go home and rest?” ‘Yes!’ “Can you give me $500?” ‘Sure!’ “Can you sign a 2 year phone contract for me?” ‘Absolutely!’ While you may laugh, all these are fact, I in the past agreed to such requests. As you can imagine none of them turned out well. For most of my life, my greatest shortcoming has been my inability to say no. I blame this on my relentless whim to please everyone.Think it over baby
There is a saying that goes, ‘once bitten twice shy’. After shooting myself in the foot one too many times, I finally had to learn. It would have been a lot smarter to think twice before committing to huge responsibilities. Better late than never right? Talk about being taught by the world. Over the past few years, I have taught myself to think carefully before committing myself to anything. Not too long ago I picked up a terrific trick to buy myself time to analyze things. I am not sure if you are familiar with Marie Forleo? Continue reading “3 Tips to Get Rid of Stressors”

Maybe Someday They Will Meet Again

English: The beach at Swansea "Light brea...
She stood there staring behind him as he disappeared into the dusk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They held hands and laughed heartily at each other’s jokes. Gazing deeply into his eyes she bit her lower lip. She was sure she was the happiest girl alive. He had never felt so ecstatic before. In his mind, he kept echoing to himself what now? He was torn. He knew what his heart wanted, it was literally yelling out the words at him, deafening his inner self. His body on the other hand was unwilling to take that leap of faith. He was stuck in that moment. Most of him was happy, too happy but that puny part of him was pained, an overwhelming pain. He could barely control it. He continued to cling onto her tender delicate hands, lost in the eyes that lovingly stared back at him. He was certain she was waiting. His heart bled for her and for himself, for he darn well knew exactly what was about to unfold before them. Still smiling, well he thought he was smiling, but his heart was swollen with anguish. He could take it no more. A thick tear cascaded down his face betraying his despondency. Confused, she took a step closer to him doing her best to read his face, his emotion. The confusion in her eyes was livid but she refrained to ask for she was afraid of his response. Instead she watched him, desperately trying to figure it out.
Slowly the beauty of the sunset was forgotten. The gentle music of the sea and the warm sand beneath their feet instantly became the last thing on their minds. They were lost in each other. Some place between bliss and torment. In frenzy he clutched at her arms and pulled her to himself crushing her fragile feminine lips against his rough sculpted ones. He then wrapped his arms around her and was gently stroking her hair. At that very moment she caught on and her eyes instantly welled up, hot stinging tears fighting for release. She hugged him back with a might she never thought she possessed. She was now aware of exactly what was about to happen, and it did. He pulled away from her. With a tiny crack of a smile at the corner of his lips he took a step back then glanced at her one more time, a slow lingering stare trying to take in as much of her as he could carry with him. Then he turned his back on her and walked away. She stood there staring behind him as he disappeared into the dusk. The silent sobs no longer so silent, her affliction was unbearable. She truly was overwhelmed. Her soft sobs slowly grew louder and the torment seemed to be crushing her. She crumbled, falling onto the warm sand where she lay for what felt like eternity.
About an hour later, she concluded that she was lucky to have loved. She decided it did not matter that she had met and lost him in almost no time yet he seemed to have been made just for her. He belonged in a different world but he loved her, and she him. She reminded herself that was all she ever wanted. Picking herself up and forcing a smile across her tear-stained face, she resolved to count her blessings rather than to mourn over spilt milk. And who knows maybe someday they will meet again.