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Taken 01 July, 2003, looking south across Kemp...
Taken 01 July, 2003, looking south across Kempenfelt Bay, Barrie, Ontario, Canada, during Canada Day celebrations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I usually would have had a difficult time dealing with a long weekend. That’s right, dealing would be the word- it’s exactly how I often feel when I have way too much time to do nothing.
You see, I tend to think of myself as a workaholic. Although, inclined towards being a workaholic is probably more accurate. I get anxious when I have time on my hands and not much to do with it. This past weekend (long weekend for Canadians) was definitely different for me.
I had a lot scheduled for the weekend. More relaxing fun activities, but stuff to keep me busy nonetheless. That, I am convinced, made all the difference. Shopping on Friday to kick off the weekend, a relaxed Saturday with friends and family, a day at the beach with the girls and a Monday house painting and barbecuing to crown it all, ah blissful weekend it really was. To be honest I had other pressing issues that I should have attended to but you know, I needed that break and I am so glad we had it. 
I certainly feel revived, rejuvenated, and ready for a new week.
How was your weekend-and for those who worked yesterday how is the week coming along?
A lot has happened over the past few days, the BET awards, Canada day festivities and you know, getting back to business. Here’s simply to wish you a great week filled with huge possibilities and to staying positive.
Life’s full of little pleasures so, work hard but enjoy the ride!
PS: Check in to our Facebook page tonight for a recap of the fireworks at the Forks in celebration of Canada Day-in case you have not caught it yet.
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Here's to A Fabulous Friday

I don’t know about you but my week has been incredibly rewarding. I have been busy, true but I have accomplished a lot. I think this whole spring thing has a positive effect on me. The nice cool weather and the sweet caress of warm sunlight brightens every moment of everyday-most times I mean. Good thing we haven’t seen much rain this week. Tell me, how was your week?  
And now, it is yet another Friday. A day swollen with promise and excitement. I find that Fridays are like the great finale on a reality show. A toast to this finale!
Have a splendid weekend, you could go all out! But don’t do what I wouldn’t do!
Happy Fabulous Friday Memoirs!

The Rocky Mountains: The Majestic Mountain Barrier

And with these breathtaking snap shots of one of the greatest sights on earth, I wish you a fantastic new week!

Driving down to the Banff National Park in Alberta Canada.
Driving down to the Banff National Park in Alberta Canada.
Cool bulgeBeautiful!

A magnificent view of the Rockies from a Gondola
A magnificent view of the Rockies from a Gondola

I love the cloud shadows between the mountains
I love the cloud shadows between the mountains

And a close up look at the Rockies
And a close up look at the Rockies

Timeless or Lesstime? (Guest Post)

In Search Of Lost Time
Chance is given to the opportunist…who seizes the moment (Photo credit: bogenfreund)

We live as if we have all day and every day.
But all we have is now, not someday.
If we forever miss the now, then what will be done?
If we miss our chance, then we have less than won.
Opportunity comes, opportunity goes.
What will we make of it? What seeds will be sown?
We live as if our days we can borrow.
Let me tell you something. We never have tomorrow.
For when tomorrow comes, it will be today.
So act now and not some other date.
What is that one thing you’ve always wanted to give a shot?
Would you move towards the goal in the time that you’ve got?
Maybe eighty years is a long breadth of time—
But already eight seconds passed while reading this rhyme.
You have the Now—move forward while you still have the chance.
Chance is not a roll of the die; not some probability stat.
Chance is given to the opportunist . . . who seizes the Moment for what it is.
Focus. Don’t let anything, anyone hold you back from your Dreams.
You have Today. You have Now.
Dear Opportunist, Now is the Time to take the die out of the equation and—Step Out.

I Hope You Dance!

A close friend of mine has for several years repeated that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, that it is about learning to dance in the rain. Well, I know even she borrowed the quote. It is however a motto by which she lives her life, one that I attempt to mimic. Life is not a bed of roses. We all know that; we hear it all the time. I find that Jenna’s philosophy to enjoy life’s simple pleasures despite the challenges to be an extra ordinary plan. I agree that we should strive to make the best of what we have been able to accomplish while at the same time  giving ‘faith a fighting chance’ as Lee Ann Womack puts it in her beautiful song, I hope you dance. I have found myself on several occasions in the past procrastinating, planning to complete a project, intending to hang out with family and friends or even simply watching a movie at the cinema. Now I realise you cannot simply live one part of your life and hold off another for later. We must learn to dance in the storm, to make it through our hardships and emerge stronger and better and that even when we lose one love we can rejoice in the hope of a brighter future.
And finally, take a moment to listen to my inspirational song for the week, Lee Ann Womack, I hope you dance.