Happy Monday

Good Morning y’all,
There will be a slight change to the schedule for today. Instead of having our regular Mentor Monday article, we will have it published next Monday, the twenty eighth of July. We apologize for this change.
This being a Monday I am fully aware that many of us are struggling to get over the weekend and back into a work mood. (It cannot be just me.) Hopefully you haven’t downed one too many mugs of coffee yet. Hold off on that and seize this moment.
It is another beautiful day that we have been so blessed to experience. There are tonnes of people out there who might have wanted to see this day. They did not make it, but you did. Embrace that and be thankful. Life is full of surprises and we often do not know where it takes us. Our being here right now is reason enough to smile. Take a deep breath right now and walk on through this day with all your might. As Steve Job once said, “Live each day as if it was your last”.
Happy Monday! Until next Monday, do take care.

My Blissful Sunday Morning

English: Sun Rise on the Mt. Fuji
English: Sun Rise on the Mt. Fuji (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunday morning is always a gift. I dare say it is my best day of the week and the only morning that I jump out of bed with zero reservation. I love my Sundays. I have a special routine, I chose to call it my Sunday ritual. It is nothing extraordinary, simply my special way to unwind.
Every Sunday morning I wake up around nine o’clock and start to brew my coffee. As I wait for it to get ready, I sit by my kitchen window enjoying the beautiful view, watching the sun rising and taking in the exquisite warmth of the rising sun, all the while sniffing in the sweet offering of coffee odor as it brews in the pot. Once my coffee is good to go, and I have had my fair share of Vitamin D thanks to the rising sun, I serve myself a huge mug, grab a fashion magazine, my bathtub pillow and take to the bathroom where I spend a good hour or two. Oh blissful morning, a little slice of heaven it truly is.
What is your Sunday morning routine? Do you have one? Or do you choose to sleep in or simply go with the flow?