Marry Me, Trevor Noah!

Trevor, will you marry me?
Trevor, will you marry me?

No, it’s not the fame. It’s not even the good looks, although that’s a plus. With Trevor Noah, it’s the humor. Every woman wants a man who can make her laugh. Am I right or am I right! I’m on the floor laughing hysterically and please do not help me up. Let Trevor Noah come do it. This man, mmh mmh mh!
But let’s forget my humongous crush on this man, what do you think of Trevor Noah? His comedy I mean? Particularly on The Daily Show.  

I absolutely love him on the show, but then I am biased. I’ve listened and watched Trevor Noah’s comedy for years, long before he became Jon Stewart’s co-host on The Daily Show. For as long as I’ve known of him, I’ve had a soft spot for the guy (Trevor please find me so I won’t have to use that <of> part and instead just say, ‘for as long as I’ve known him’). If you haven’t watched him yet, after telling me which hole you’ve been living in these past few months, take some time to watch him on The Daily Show tonight.
And Jon Stewart, I just wanted to say thank you so much for bringing Trevor Noah into my home via the Daily Show! I sleep well at night now.
Now I only have one question for you Trevor, will you marry me?

And Now For a Funny Mugs Moment

I happen to be a huge fun of funny mugs. Therefore, for you funny-mug-lover-mates of mine, here are a few to keep you feeling happy-go-lucky, all Thursday long!
1. Both 1 & 2 spotted at CafepressCoffee Mug - I'm an Engineer       Bored to Death Small Mugs
2. I wouldn’t say I’m courageous enough to own this one, but it is still pretty funny.
3. ..allegedly 🙂
   Spotted on e-bay.
4. And finally for the clueless colleague…
  From here.
I know  it has been a rough week
..but stay strong, we are almost there! Have a thrilling Thursday, pals!