Just For Foodies- JFF (Guest Post)

Hello Foodies!!

Okay tomorrow is a new day, a new day to explore and discover more food and drinks. Just for foodies is going to be part of this new discoveries, JFF is going to be a continuing segment on MOFAK starting today. My idea for JFF is to post pictures of foods and drinks that I experience for the first time or that i have experienced before and would like to share with my fellow foodies. Okay, so here’s the fun part 🙂 you guys get to participate as well. You guys get to send us pictures of food or drinks that you experience in your everyday lives or during a trip or whatever the case might be. Continue reading “Just For Foodies- JFF (Guest Post)”

Style Buzz: Vacation Edition

Today’s edition of style buzz has a little twist to it. I recently went on a fabulous vacation to Negril, Jamaica for one week. I will be sharing my fascinating experience and my style while on the trip. I stayed at the Riu Club Hotels and Resort Negril! This hotel is absolutely stunning. Riu has one the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica. The first week of August in Jamaica is  busy with parties and celebrations of their independence day. Below I have posted pictures from my trip.Jamaica is one the hottest tourist location in the world. It is truly a beautiful country with a lot of tourist excursions and activities, some of which I was privileged to enjoy. I also learnt a few things during my stay in Jamaica.
1- Their states are called “parishes” versus Canadian provinces.
2- Jamaicans drive on the right side of the road.
3- Although Jamaican dollar is accepted, most places will quote and only accept US Dollars. So if you travel to Jamaica make sure you convert your currency to USD.
During my stay in Jamaica I went to Dunn’s River Falls. Dunn’s River Falls is Jamaica’s number one attraction. This excursion involves climbing the 600 feet rock formation as waters cascade past you and splashes into the ocean below the rock. Dunn’s River Falls is an amazing work of Mother Nature. It is a must-see for travelers.
Shopping: I shopped in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril. Shopping in Jamaica is not cheap! As a tourist you can easily be duped. Sellers tend to quote “tourist prices” so it is up to you to bargain with the seller to get the best deal possible. My shopping experience in Jamaica was exciting the idea of bargaining for the items you buy is something different. Something you could never do in Canada.
Sunset Cruise/ Booze Cruise: This excursion involves boarding a super catamaran which sails along the gorgeous coastline of the Caribbean sea and stops at the top ten best bars in the world called Rick’s Cafe. At the Rick’s Cafe I watched the locals jump from 15ft to 35ft. During the cruise I also captured the gorgeous sunset and was lucky to see dolphins. Also I should mention that we stopped at the coral reef to swim and snorkel.


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