Any is Better Than None

There have been many dashing, funny, loving, thoughtful men whom I have crossed paths with who would have loved to have me in their lives.

There have been men whose voices mesmerized me. Whose romantic gestures blew me away. Whose undoubtable desire for me would have caused me to throw caution to the wind and fly away with them.

There have been men, incredibly loving men who looked at me like I was an ice cream cone they were dying to have. Men who ogled at me like their every existence depended on my smiling back at them.

There have been many potentials. I could have picked one and stepped into the sunset with them.

But I chose to stay here with you. I chose the cold. The uncertainty. The indecision.

I chose to stay because the few moments when you stare into my eyes, I know that I am actually being seen. I see you see yourself in my eyes too.

I stay because even though you may hold my hand once a year, when you do, its like every good feeling blended into one wonderful, explosive, unimaginable moment of fullness.

I stay for those moments. Fleeting moments. But life-hanging, mind-blowing, novel-worthy, fleeting moments.

I stay because any minute with you is better than none.