Boots! Boots! Boots!

I just have one question for the guys. How is it that none of you is walking around barefoot? You all seem to wear shoes. And very good looking shoes at that. How? Last night I spent hours on end going through web pages after pages hunting down good winter boots for men! Do you actually but shoes in the price of the hundreds? How can you afford that? So you buy a pair of boots that costs you say $200 ok? Tell me, please tell what then do you eat for the next two week? Why are men’s shoes so expensive?

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3 Tips to Get Rid of Stressors

A couple of weeks back I read this very fascinating article that provided tips on how to make our lives less stressful, to lead simpler lives and accomplish more. I fell in love with the angle that the writer used in writing that article so I read it over and over again. I then picked out my favourite tips from the list as I was to give a speech on simplifying our lives. As you happen to be my favourite people, I decided to share these tips with you. Also be sure to visit the article’s original site as there are plenty more great ideas where these came from.

  1. Cultivate the practice of thinking through favours.

I am a yes machine. Saying yes comes a lot more naturally to me than saying no. I often in the past found myself saying yes to the most ridiculous requests. “Would you like to work the night shift while I go home and rest?” ‘Yes!’ “Can you give me $500?” ‘Sure!’ “Can you sign a 2 year phone contract for me?” ‘Absolutely!’ While you may laugh, all these are fact, I in the past agreed to such requests. As you can imagine none of them turned out well. For most of my life, my greatest shortcoming has been my inability to say no. I blame this on my relentless whim to please everyone.Think it over baby
There is a saying that goes, ‘once bitten twice shy’. After shooting myself in the foot one too many times, I finally had to learn. It would have been a lot smarter to think twice before committing to huge responsibilities. Better late than never right? Talk about being taught by the world. Over the past few years, I have taught myself to think carefully before committing myself to anything. Not too long ago I picked up a terrific trick to buy myself time to analyze things. I am not sure if you are familiar with Marie Forleo? Continue reading “3 Tips to Get Rid of Stressors”

Sheena Chiteri: Mentor of the Month of July


My name is Sheena Frida Chiteri. I am the Founder and Director of my fashion design company- House of Sheena C.
Sheena Frida Chiteri. Founder and Director of House of Sheena C. A fashion and design company. Blog: Facebook:

Sheena Chiteri is my personal friend and I could not be more proud and excited to bring this interview to you. Sheena Frida Chiteri is the founder and director of House of Sheena C. I met Sheena back in high school when we were both 15 and full of dreams for the future. Sheena particularly was a dreamer. She was always adventurous. She loved fashion to her very core. I remember she would often draw designs of garments and show them to me. I had a lot of faith in her and as a good friend would encourage her and cheer her on as she drew and drew some more. Never in my life would I have dreamt that I would be writing an article about her work. I am thrilled. It’s a great honour for me to share her work with you. Sheena is a remarkable designer. In Nairobi Kenya, she’s already hit numerous media outlets and that is just the beginning.
Through the month we will be learning about Sheena Chiteri’s journey into the world of fashion, her challenges and her motivations.  And of course, towards the end of the month, Sheena will also share some career tips with us. But today, we will simply begin with this introduction.
While waiting for next Monday’s article on this spectacular woman, go on and check out Sheena’s website and her Facebook fan page. You will not be disappointed. She shares a lot of helpful tips and tricks for fashion forward men and women which you do not want to miss.
Be sure to make today a fantastic Monday!


Fashion designer & oil painter. Store Location: 393 Portage Ave, 2nd Floor. Website:
Fashion designer & oil painter. Store Location: 393 Portage Ave, 2nd Floor. Website:

I hope that you have been keeping up with Lennard Taylor and his new designs. He always has creative new styles and garments coming in.
On our previous issue we began to get into the fine details of Lennard Taylor’s life; how he decided to get into the fashion industry and his early days in fashion and as an entrepreneur. To continue along the same line of discussion, today I would like to share with you a video that I embedded from his website which takes us through his creation process. I think it is crucial for us to experience the creation process with him as it helps us have a better understanding of the passion he has for his work and his designs.

Enjoy this video? Make sure to share it with your friends and leave a comment below.  Better yet, check out Lennard Taylor’s website and leave him a comment as well.

Part B: Lennard Taylor: Mentor of the Month of June

Fashion designer & oil painter. Store Location: 393 Portage Ave, 2nd Floor. Website:
Fashion designer & oil painter. Store Location: 274A-393 Portage Ave. 2nd Floor Portage Place near Skywalk to Hydro building. Website:

Last Monday I wrote a preview article introducing Lennard Taylor as the Mentor of the month. I am sure you have been anxiously waiting for the continuation to this exciting new mentor of ours. For a quick recap revisit last Monday’s article but be sure to return because today Lennard lets us into the journey from the grassroots of his career.
During our interview Lennard mentioned that his first love was soccer. From his childhood all he wanted to do was play soccer. Being the go-getter that he is, a judgement that I prescribed upon him, Lennard went to Scotland to pursue his soccer career and to travel. Unfortunately he injured his knee which abruptly ended his soccer career. Upon hitting a wall unexpectedly Lennard had to re-strategize. He was forced to go back to the drawing board and come up with a new plan. Staring out the window of his apartment in a flat in Scotland, he wondered what he should do next. Continue reading “Part B: Lennard Taylor: Mentor of the Month of June”

Lennard Taylor: Mentor of the Month of June

Fashion designer & oil painter. Store Location: 393 Portage Ave, 2nd Floor. Website:
Fashion designer & oil painter. Store Location: 274A-393 Portage Ave. 2nd Floor Portage Place near Skywalk to Hydro building. Website:

Lennard Taylor is a vibrant fashion designer and oil painter based in Winnipeg Manitoba. Prior to embarking into the world of fashion, Lennard played football in Scotland. On returning to Winnipeg where he was born and raised, he began his career in fashion. Lennard’s style is futurist, hip and very classy. His passion for his work is infectious. I first met him purely out of my love for fashion. I was taking a walk at my lunch hour in the mall when my eyes suddenly rested on a brand new store with a dazzling display. I was instantly excited and dragged my friend into the store with me. Inside, the room boasted of a vast selection of unique garments and accessories. After that first visit, I returned to the store every chance I got. Continue reading “Lennard Taylor: Mentor of the Month of June”

Good Ol' Memories

As many of you know, this past Wednesday was our first anniversary. I still cannot shake the rush that came over me Wednesday morning when I opened my e-mail account to find, staring back at me, a congratulatory message from WordPress.

Why, thank you WordPress!

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Style Buzz: Vacation Edition

Today’s edition of style buzz has a little twist to it. I recently went on a fabulous vacation to Negril, Jamaica for one week. I will be sharing my fascinating experience and my style while on the trip. I stayed at the Riu Club Hotels and Resort Negril! This hotel is absolutely stunning. Riu has one the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica. The first week of August in Jamaica is  busy with parties and celebrations of their independence day. Below I have posted pictures from my trip.Jamaica is one the hottest tourist location in the world. It is truly a beautiful country with a lot of tourist excursions and activities, some of which I was privileged to enjoy. I also learnt a few things during my stay in Jamaica.
1- Their states are called “parishes” versus Canadian provinces.
2- Jamaicans drive on the right side of the road.
3- Although Jamaican dollar is accepted, most places will quote and only accept US Dollars. So if you travel to Jamaica make sure you convert your currency to USD.
During my stay in Jamaica I went to Dunn’s River Falls. Dunn’s River Falls is Jamaica’s number one attraction. This excursion involves climbing the 600 feet rock formation as waters cascade past you and splashes into the ocean below the rock. Dunn’s River Falls is an amazing work of Mother Nature. It is a must-see for travelers.
Shopping: I shopped in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril. Shopping in Jamaica is not cheap! As a tourist you can easily be duped. Sellers tend to quote “tourist prices” so it is up to you to bargain with the seller to get the best deal possible. My shopping experience in Jamaica was exciting the idea of bargaining for the items you buy is something different. Something you could never do in Canada.
Sunset Cruise/ Booze Cruise: This excursion involves boarding a super catamaran which sails along the gorgeous coastline of the Caribbean sea and stops at the top ten best bars in the world called Rick’s Cafe. At the Rick’s Cafe I watched the locals jump from 15ft to 35ft. During the cruise I also captured the gorgeous sunset and was lucky to see dolphins. Also I should mention that we stopped at the coral reef to swim and snorkel.


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Style Buzz with Isabella Nabwire: New Fashion Series

Isabella Nabwire O. a.k.a Bella Candice is an intelligent young God-fearing lady. She is a law student who speaks passionately about her field of study and the nitty gritties involved there in. She is beautiful and very vibrant. Her love for fashion oozes off of her impeccable fashion sense. Her love for fashion is clearly inborn as she certainly has a way of owning her style as she confidently goes about her business.
Isabella admitted to Style Buzz that she is afraid of the dark. Almost immediately she countered her confession announcing her love for chocolate. Isabella enjoys a good laugh and likes to spend time with her family and friends. She stated that she is a “neat freak”. She also enjoys warm baths, shower gels, towels and anything fluffy. But most of all Isabella is “a crazy rumba lover.”
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New- Fashion Series

What’s your fashion style? I know030813-Miranda-Kerr-350 a lot of people never consider themselves stylish or fashion forward but the truth is we all have our unique style. Your style says so much about you than you actually think. I would like to start a series called ” Style Buzz- My Style is -insert 1 or 2 words to describe your style.” In my case it would be, “My style is Sexy and Comfort”.
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Scandal – Fashion

If you have basic or cable Television then you have probably seen the trailer for the TV drama series Scandal. Scandal is a drama series created by Shonda Rhimes, this woman is a genius with creating Televison shows. Rhimes is also the creator of Greys and Private Practice. I have to admit I got tired of Greys after the 3rd season, so when I saw the first episode of Scandal I knew this was going to be a show I would not get tired of watching and definitely it was going to be one of my top 5 favorite TV series. I love this show because 1) Continue reading “Scandal – Fashion”

Meet the Team

I am going to start off by wishing you a very happy energetic Monday. I hope that unlike me you woke up with a natural surge of energy to kick-start your week. But if you are in team Val no worries, you are more than welcome to join me at the Starbucks Cafe Americano line-up. Either way let’s get this day started on a high note!
As you may have noticed, Memoirs of a Kenyan is a unique blog with a team of contributors. For our spring kick off, the Memoirs team has decided to introduce themselves to you over the next two weeks.

Fashion Director. I also write articles on relationships.
Fashion Director. I also write articles on relationships.

1. Your name and duty on Memoirs of a Kenyan.
Maryam A. I am the Fashion Director. I also write articles on relationships.  
2.  Something random about yourself
I love rice! And the colour Black (why not, it goes with everything!!!)
3.  What is the most romantic thing someone has done for you?
Breakfast in bed
4.  Why did you join the Memoirs of a Kenyan Team? What is your goal
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Rihanna's New Clothing/Shoe Line for River Island

We all love fashion and for 2013, fashion is swiftly becoming a lot more exciting, affordable and vibrant. Among the things I love the most about fashion are its creativity and the expression of personality. Fashion is probably the one thing in my life that I have complete control over. About a week ago, Rihanna launched her clothing line for River Island. This is the first time I  have heard about River Island, after reviewing their website. I am very happy to announce that Riri launched her clothing and shoe line because they fit right into her style. I have to say, I am pleasantly satisfied with Rihanna’s line as it is affordable, upscale and of course very chic.
Rihanna’s River Island Clothing line consists of contemporary tops, t-shirt, jeans, dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, skirts, boots and a lot more. Some of the items are sold out already! I am looking to ordering two items myself. My fingers are crossed that I will receive them just in time for spring.
Check out Rihanna’s new Clothing line.

White Rihanna cropped T-shirt
White Rihanna cropped T-shirt

Dark wash Rihanna double top straight jeans
Dark wash Rihanna double top straight jeans

So? What do you ladies think of Rihanna’s new clothing line… it?

Halle Berry at the Oscars, 2013

I realize I am a couple of days late, but I must say that Halle Berry looked phenomenal! I know, I posted it on our facebook fan page already. Clearly, I am in love.
Two items on my agenda this morning!
a.) I have been obsessing about Halle Berry’s dress at the Oscars. I thought she looked gorgeous. I love that her gown covered all that needs to be covered. She wore a very descent yet  flattering metallic Versace gown. She was in deed a show stopper at the 85th Academy Awards.
What was your opinion of her gown?
Halle Berry: 85th Annual Academy Awards
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