A Tale: The Enigma of the Good Wife

There’s a girl, a young woman, sitting at the far corner of the grandiose dinning hall. Leaning on the wall, at the very end of the room.
Sandi, that is her name.
She is slender, dark, with big white eyes. She is not starring at a cellphone, or a computer screen. She’s not reading a book or eating or even fidgeting with anything. She is, literally, just sitting there. Continue reading “A Tale: The Enigma of the Good Wife”

Listen to the Sounds of Success Around You

Now Listen (The Chocolate Rockets album)
I am not saying follow them around and ask questions in the dozens, no! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A friend of mine once told me that if you find that you have finally made it to the highest possible level in your organisation, if you find that there is no more room for growth or expansion, it means it is about time for change. Growth is a vital part of life. Making a better life for oneself is pretty much what most of us thrive for each day. Being in an environment where one is able to grow obviously creates a desire to self improve.
Assuming that we are all in suitable positions to reach out for higher paying jobs and eventually self actualisation, allow me to mention one issue that we need to be permanently conscious of as we make our way up the corporate ladder. The people around us! Continue reading “Listen to the Sounds of Success Around You”