Dear Christmas Gift Recipients

Dear Christmas Gift Recipients,
Every year before Christmas we’re all excited to go gift shopping. It’s a magical time -shopping, gift wrapping, home decorating, and the list goes on. Then comes boxing day when we are all gathered around the Christmas tree eager for the unwrapping festivities. A few seconds into the search and you’ve identified it. It’s the lavish red and green box with your name neatly caligraphed onto a tag that’s slightly tucked underneath the ribbon. You take a seat and animatedly rip off the wrapping paper. Continue reading “Dear Christmas Gift Recipients”

A Painfully Fabulous Christmas

Well, something that does not involve detrimental self-indulgence. (Photo credit: K. Yankov)

It is a quarter after 1 a.m. and yet I am still wide awake. I feel exhausted but not from keeping busy or working all day.  No, from sitting around watching none stop comedy, movies and listening to music. I know I should be festive and I truly have been but still, I need something more. I know you see it too.  I might be turning into a workaholic and oddly enough, I like the sound of it.
This Christmas my feasting was a little over the top. It was incredible; with candles and wine, barbecue ribs, roasted chicken, steak, french fries and believe me, the list goes on, and on! We had our dinner unusually early, say about 4 p.m. Turns out a festive dinner at 4 p.m is the way to go. Continue reading “A Painfully Fabulous Christmas”