My Blissful Sunday Morning

English: Sun Rise on the Mt. Fuji
English: Sun Rise on the Mt. Fuji (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunday morning is always a gift. I dare say it is my best day of the week and the only morning that I jump out of bed with zero reservation. I love my Sundays. I have a special routine, I chose to call it my Sunday ritual. It is nothing extraordinary, simply my special way to unwind.
Every Sunday morning I wake up around nine o’clock and start to brew my coffee. As I wait for it to get ready, I sit by my kitchen window enjoying the beautiful view, watching the sun rising and taking in the exquisite warmth of the rising sun, all the while sniffing in the sweet offering of coffee odor as it brews in the pot. Once my coffee is good to go, and I have had my fair share of Vitamin D thanks to the rising sun, I serve myself a huge mug, grab a fashion magazine, my bathtub pillow and take to the bathroom where I spend a good hour or two. Oh blissful morning, a little slice of heaven it truly is.
What is your Sunday morning routine? Do you have one? Or do you choose to sleep in or simply go with the flow?

A Letter to My Country, Kenya

Animated flag of Kenya.
May we dwell in unity, peace and liberty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear brothers and sisters,
This morning I woke up and said a prayer for you. I cannot not help but feel a little anxious today. I am thrilled to think that after tomorrow, a new era begins. I am excited by the prospect of new leadership, new things, a bright new beginning. But my heart throbs from the fear of a negative reaction. That the selfish part of being human comes to blind our greater love for humanity, the love for our people.
Like most of you, I am filled with excitement, anxiety, and suspense. Anxiety I should say, is the deepest emotion I bear. And so I sat up in bed in my dimly lit room and closed my eyes. I prayed for my country, I prayed for the elections. Continue reading “A Letter to My Country, Kenya”