Whatever Doesn’t Kill You

Things don’t always play out the way we expect them to. Sometimes they turn out better. Other times we hit rock bottom. Then there are times when that very same rock bottom becomes the silver lining. The darkest hour before dawn.

I have experienced something somewhat similar. Continue reading “Whatever Doesn’t Kill You”

Part 2: Maybe Someday They Will Meet Again

At the twenty-ninth floor of a downtown office building, Jasmine pouted her lips resting her head against her left hand. Things could not get any worse. Her desk was littered with piles of untouched paperwork, files and several books. Several highlighters, pencils, a mechanical sharpener and a pink for-big-mistakes eraser, were all spread across the table in no precise order. It was an unholy mess, Continue reading “Part 2: Maybe Someday They Will Meet Again”