Dear Christmas Gift Recipients

Dear Christmas Gift Recipients,
Every year before Christmas we’re all excited to go gift shopping. It’s a magical time -shopping, gift wrapping, home decorating, and the list goes on. Then comes boxing day when we are all gathered around the Christmas tree eager for the unwrapping festivities. A few seconds into the search and you’ve identified it. It’s the lavish red and green box with your name neatly caligraphed onto a tag that’s slightly tucked underneath the ribbon. You take a seat and animatedly rip off the wrapping paper. Continue reading “Dear Christmas Gift Recipients”

How was your mother's day weekend?

The confidence and determination that always oozes off of her(
The confidence and determination that always oozes off of her (

This past weekend, yesterday to be specific, was Mother’s day for the most part of the world. I had an amazing time with my mother and our family, and I want to believe that she had just as great a time as we all did in her honor.
When growing up we all go through a  phase where your mother is always wrong or old school and has no idea what’s best for you. But then eventually we come to that wonderful place where mother Continue reading “How was your mother's day weekend?”