Eight Lessons From 2017

Eight Simple Lessons from 2017

2017 was a pretty rough year for me. Yet during all my struggles and my pains I learnt so much. I am stronger and wiser for it now. These eight lessons from 2017 may seem basic but when you are so caught up in things that at the time seem so important and are all-consuming, you fail to see the full picture.

Looking back now, I am glad I went through everything that I did last year because the changes (for the better) I am making now are a direct result of my mistakes and my poor judgement in the past.

Alright, here are my eight lessons from 2017:

Lessons learnt by sharing positive messagesLesson 1.

Be sure that in all relationships, there is more smiling than there is frowning.

Lesson 2.

Your instincts are your best friend. Continue reading “Eight Lessons From 2017”

The Gift of Family

There is no better feeling than the love of family. This particular statement takes me back to my childhood when I would faithfully spend an hour each week watching a TV show by the name Seventh Heaven. It was an incredible educative show about family support and encouragement, that sort of thing. I absolutely loved it. But that’s besides the point.
Last week I made a trip back to my home country. Prior to that trip I knew I had missed everyone

Logo der US-Serie No Ordinary Family
Logo der US-Serie No Ordinary Family (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

back there and the lifestyle. But believe me I had not realized just how much until I arrived back home and was surrounded by beloved family and friends. Although I was only there for a week, it was worth it every last dime.  Continue reading “The Gift of Family”

Meet the Founder

Val Chela1. Name and Title

Valerie Chela N. Founder of Memoirs of a Kenyan.

2. Something random about yourself

I am generally not a fan of pets but dogs terrify me. My idea of a pet would be any animal that can be caged safely away from me. I could probably live with a pet fish, I think.