Style Buzz with Isabella Nabwire: New Fashion Series

Isabella Nabwire O. a.k.a Bella Candice is an intelligent young God-fearing lady. She is a law student who speaks passionately about her field of study and the nitty gritties involved there in. She is beautiful and very vibrant. Her love for fashion oozes off of her impeccable fashion sense. Her love for fashion is clearly inborn as she certainly has a way of owning her style as she confidently goes about her business.
Isabella admitted to Style Buzz that she is afraid of the dark. Almost immediately she countered her confession announcing her love for chocolate. Isabella enjoys a good laugh and likes to spend time with her family and friends. She stated that she is a “neat freak”. She also enjoys warm baths, shower gels, towels and anything fluffy. But most of all Isabella is “a crazy rumba lover.”
Isabella is also a fashion blogger Continue reading “Style Buzz with Isabella Nabwire: New Fashion Series”