Any is Better Than None

There have been many dashing, funny, loving, thoughtful men whom I have crossed paths with who would have loved to have me in their lives.

There have been men whose voices mesmerized me. Whose romantic gestures blew me away. Whose undoubtable desire for me would have caused me to throw caution to the wind and fly away with them.

There have been men, incredibly loving men who looked at me like Continue reading “Any is Better Than None”

Don’t Say The Thing That Hurts

angryWhen you’re angry or disappointed, disengage. Don’t say the thing that hurts in a moment of misunderstanding or confusion. It’s okay to pause and be silent. For silence is golden, they say.

When you’re angry or disappointed, seek clarification. Don’t insult or abuse in a moment of misunderstanding or confusion. It’s okay to question, to hope for a reasonable explanation.

When you’re angry or disappointed, think of your contribution to the situation. Don’t be quick to throw blame, to point a finger. It’s okay to admit a fault, after-all none of us is perfect.

When you’re angry or disappointed, find it in yourself to forgive. Don’t let a misunderstanding or confusion be the end of a beautiful relationship.

It’s okay to let it go, for forgiveness is the virtue of the brave (Indira Gandhi).

Follow the Glow

Follow the glow in your eyes
Wherever it leads, wherever it thrives,
Cause if you won’t, swift come your demise
Of endless strivings and restless butterflies;
That light that flickers when you do what you like
That passion ignited when you do what feels right;
So when life at times is pulling you here and there
Don’t forget to remember about what you care
For keep your eyes forward and straight on the goal
And then you won’t stop from staying aglow.

The Old is Gone

I lived because, at dawn my eyes would open. Because my heart never failed to beat.
I lived because, at dawn my eyes would open. Because my heart never failed to beat.

Although perfection I continue to pursue,
I recognize the world of difference between,
For many nights I was frail,
Completely broken and without sight.

I’d hit rock bottom,
Succumbed to a meaningless existence, Continue reading “The Old is Gone”

Good Ol' Memories

As many of you know, this past Wednesday was our first anniversary. I still cannot shake the rush that came over me Wednesday morning when I opened my e-mail account to find, staring back at me, a congratulatory message from WordPress.

Why, thank you WordPress!

First, I was humbled by Continue reading “Good Ol' Memories”

Jealousy, please stay far away from me

Drowning on Dry Land (play)
I may now be stuck and you free to love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Too deep to turn back. Too deep to go forward.
Waters surround me. Whirl. Wind lashes at my face.
I scream. Breathless. Not a sound is made.
Why does the wind whirl around me tauntingly while the very wind is knocked out of me?
Around me waters dance while my feet—paralyzed to the ground.
But you are on the ninth cloud.
Joy on your face, on mine not a trace.
The air is sucked out of me,you breathe out sweet melodies.
I watch, wishing . . . wishing . . . No. I must not wish. Jealousy, please stay far away from me.
I may now be stuck and you free to love,
But in time the waters will part and there will be a way where there seems to be none.

This Notion Called Lovin'

Samantha Jones (Sex and the City)
Samantha Jones (Sex and the City) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once upon a time I was convinced that I had a clear grasp of the concept of falling in love. I was certain I knew what it meant and how it felt. I dare say I believed I had been in love once or twice before-a different degree of loving I suppose. But it made a lot of sense then.
Now, when I ought to be smarter and more experienced, I find myself short of understanding. While I feel that at this point in life I should recognize love when it hits, I still can barely comprehend basic feelings such as fondness and attraction.

There is the occasional time when the thoughts of that special someone creates a longing that stifles my heart for free expression. At such a time, it’s easy to admit to a feeling deeper than a simple like. Continue reading “This Notion Called Lovin'”

Winter pagan Weather (Guest Post)

Wrists tingling,
Nose freezing,
Ears stinging.
Frosted tears filling my eyes.
All is a haze as I steady myself along the icy path.
Yesterday the sky was dazzling azure blue, Continue reading “Winter pagan Weather (Guest Post)”

When the Soul Seeks

A stencil painted on Valentines day depicting ...
To me, love was this enormously bizarre emotion that transcended definition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I wrote this poem when I was a teenager and posted it on an old blog that I wrote back in the day.

Reading through this old blog, I realized that as much as I am older now, some things are yet to change. When I wrote this poem, I was curious about love. To me, love was this bizarre emotion that transcended definition. I could never quite understand the concept of love. It was completely alien to me. I did not comprehend how one finds that special someone who becomes the best thing in their life. I wondered how one would know when they met someone worth keeping. I could not grasp the idea of being so certain about one’s feelings for another.
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Timeless or Lesstime? (Guest Post)

In Search Of Lost Time
Chance is given to the opportunist…who seizes the moment (Photo credit: bogenfreund)

We live as if we have all day and every day.
But all we have is now, not someday.
If we forever miss the now, then what will be done?
If we miss our chance, then we have less than won.
Opportunity comes, opportunity goes.
What will we make of it? What seeds will be sown?
We live as if our days we can borrow.
Let me tell you something. We never have tomorrow.
For when tomorrow comes, it will be today.
So act now and not some other date.
What is that one thing you’ve always wanted to give a shot?
Would you move towards the goal in the time that you’ve got?
Maybe eighty years is a long breadth of time—
But already eight seconds passed while reading this rhyme.
You have the Now—move forward while you still have the chance.
Chance is not a roll of the die; not some probability stat.
Chance is given to the opportunist . . . who seizes the Moment for what it is.
Focus. Don’t let anything, anyone hold you back from your Dreams.
You have Today. You have Now.
Dear Opportunist, Now is the Time to take the die out of the equation and—Step Out.

Where’s the worth?

This poem goes out to all those people who find themselves at a place where they never imagined they possibly could: Faced with the overwhelming dilemma of whether to keep their unborn child, or not. I do not have the right suggest of what choice would be better. But my heart goes out to you at your hour of desperation, of terror and of confusion. I dedicate this poem to you who finds yourself in this situation.

Where is the Worth
Detestful catastrophic dreadful destiny
times filled with piercing pain
fear tearing deep in the soul
gushing hot tears, spasms and sputters

A tense load of murder,broken ties
the devil’s helper he the master
desire to accomplish, longing to surrender
undeserving angel, tiny beast

Innocence above the line of lifelessness
a need to fold up and keep folding up
to shrink to a coin, drop through the gutter
urgency to disappear, more desperation

Buckets of pain, unshed tears, broken ties,
lost love, unformed flesh hiding in the womb,
plunged in depths of sunken evil
struggle in total darkness,

frustration, every muscle strained,
every heart bleeding,
to finally conquer,                                                                                                                  but where’s the worth?

To Be Loosed (Guest Post)

To Be Loosed
To clear the clarity of confusion
And stomp upon its muddy waters,
Seeking to find meaning with further chaos.
But it is such dissention of the mind
That is soothed, and brought to some
Reasonable piece of order by the pen.
Do not misunderstand me. I care nothing of reason, common sense, or the rational.
When pen is in hand, my mind is free—
Free to explore the unexplainable.
Free to make a muse of the unresolved present predicament.
Wild at heart like a stallion that has its reigns loosed.
No longer is there need for the obedience of conventionality.
Words usher out just as they please, never to be critiqued—
Although perhaps refined at some distant date.
But in the moment the pen touches the sheet,
A ferocious spill-over of mind-boggling thoughts converge into black ink,
Impressing their mark onto the white.
The grip upon my mind has finally been loosed.