Professionalism While Life Happens

True! Mankind is not RoboticOn TV, we tend to see how personal drama often leaks into professional lives. It is a recurring scene in movies and series. Perhaps it is something that cannot always be controlled, but it definitely needs to be avoided as much as possible.

Mankind is not robotic.
We certainly are human and at times things beyond our control happen.


We react to words and actions, and when the going gets tough, we give in. And that is ok. However, let us try to keep it at a minimum.

  • If it is a personal phone call that could upset you, call them back later when you are in a more secluded area.
  • When someone offends you, try to notify them without causing a scene but if you cannot help it at that instant, walk away so that you can catch your  breath. We tend to handle issues a lot better when we are more composed.

A certain wellness coach once explained at a mentorship seminar that in getting worked up we are losing our control to the other party. Do not give them your control, own it!
Because we spend most of our days at work, some of our colleagues tend to also be our friends. It is however vital not to unload your work frustrations on your workmates. Find a close friend or family member to rant to every once in a while, you will certainly feel better plus you get to keep your reputation intact and stay out of office drama. This also saves you from lots of stress and uneasiness. Furthermore, it helps create a workplace free of gossip and other behaviors that would result in unhealthy workplace environments.
On a stressful day, take a brief walk even simply to your water fountain and back to your desk. At your lunch you could go to the gym or maybe get a manicure or anything that could help you destress. Some people have reported that taking several deep breaths (3-4) calms them.

 So I am calling on you today to find what keeps you calm. Keep the drama out of the office and always maintain your control.

Do you think that it is important to separate personal from professional life? Why or why not? What have been your experiences at your place of work?

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