Feel Good Wednesday: "In Pursuit of Happiness"

When you help other people, you help yourself ...
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Helping others has a magical way of causing us to feel good about ourselves. A study carried out by Michael F Steger an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Colorado State University indicated that virtue-building activities such as volunteering that the individuals’ under study were engaged in caused more happiness than hedonic behaviour.  Aristotle is also reported to have argued some 2400 years ago, that people are happier when they spend sometime in their day carrying out virtue-building activities. Continue reading “Feel Good Wednesday: "In Pursuit of Happiness"”

What's really in a Dream

Dreams So Real (album)
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‘The residue of the day’s activities acted upon by our unrestrained wishes, fears and desires.’ wrote Miss Lonelyhearts on the Winnipeg Free Press website.
Miss Lonelyhearts, a writer who answers questions readers ask on the Winnipeg Free Press website recently replied to a reader’s question concerning bad dreams that this reader has been having lately. In answering this question, Miss Lonelyhearts explained that the reason why she was having very similar dreams all themed on breaking up with her significant other was because the reader’s subconscious mind needed her fears of being dumped to be dealt with. In her exact words Miss Lonelyhearts wrote, Continue reading “What's really in a Dream”